Thursday, December 30, 2010

"2084 (The Beasts of Orwellian Burden) Entry 10 & 11

'Rules Will Change'

While the paint is still wet,
We can alter the lines.
Until the concrete sets,
The law has yet to bind.
I hear the cries of the common people,
But it really matters not
Next to me, there is no equal.
Resist and you will be shot!

Rules will Change
And they don't apply
To those with names
Here in the sty

And when the ink is dry
There are ways to erase
Rule the weak with a lie
Just keep a smile in place
You've said your piece, Now shut your mouths
I will speak for you
Get in line or we'll put you down,
Grind the hoof to glue!

Rules will change
And they don't apply
To those with names
Here in the sty

"This Is Not A Democracy"

Cast your vote/ We hear the cries/ Doesn't mean we're going to listen to your Bull-shh.../ Rock the boat/ We'll take your lives/ Bend your knee to the majority... our Dollar Almighty

I know you're looking rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you.

Corporate gods/ Take hold the reins/ Bow your heads to the Industrial might/ Choices hinged/ Upon our gains/ Let's see just how much we can get for your souls

I know you're looking for rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you.
(This is not a democracy)

So cast a vote/ we'll cast it out/ Don't really care what the people want/ Let them choke/ On all their doubts/ While we feast upon the fruits of their labors

I know you're looking for rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you
(This is not a democracy)
This is not is not a democracy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"In Honor of... (Conclusion)"

So, over the past several months I have talked about my influences and inspirational sources. While I can see that my listing 'personal favorites' may seem narcissistic, it was not my intention. I thought it was important to give some insight as to how I have reached my current stage of life.
From a creative stand point, I think I have given a pretty clear view of my artistic mold, but I am more than an artist. I am more than a convict speaking to you from behind bars. I have matured mentally and spiritually over the last 12 years.
If I am obligated to honor those that have sparked my imagination, I am even more so to honor those that have challenged me intellectually and moved me spiritually.
1. My Dad- Robert Lee Jackson- Some of you are familiar with my father through his blog and are well aware of his own skill as a writer. Since I was young, he has always challenged me and inspired me. He stoked the fires of creative thought and sparked my imagination. He has often recommended movies or books that intrigues me. Our tastes are very similar. He has encouraged me in my writing and been one of my most loyal followers on this blog. I only wish I had taken advice and been more like the man I hold such admiration for.
2. Plato- Some of the most thought provoking reading I have ever done came through the reading of his dialogues. And for anyone who hasn't read his masterpiece 'The Allegory of the Cave'... Get out of the shadows and find the source of the light.
3. H.D Thoreau- What can I say? Damn the government and society's dirty institutions. I want no part... A godly Anarchist with a love of education... I can relate.
4. Thomas Jefferson- So many People are unaware of the pure genius this man possessed... sure, they know he wrote some important documents, but they don't realize just how powerful and poetic his words were. He was a revolutionary with a passion for what held to be true... Sic Semper Tyrannus
5. The Bible- Whatever I may or may not believe, from a religious stand point, I cannot deny the wisdom or passion contained within that book.
6. Ben Franklin- I can't mention Jefferson's influence on me without recognizing Franklin's. Both were enlightened men with their sights turned toward the possibilities.

There are others, but the above six were the sources of the greatest influence on me as an intellectual. Thank you for baring with me as I honored those who helped shape the man I am now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2084 (The Beast of Orwellian Burden) Entry 9

'The Price of Intelligent Growth'

What we see,
what we taste,
Are but shadows of this place.
So much more,
Beyond the door,
If only you would turn away.
Break the chains,
Free yourselves,
Let light burn away this hell.
Here I stand,
Bringing Truth,
Through I don't know if you can bare it...

Vengeful Hands,
Laid upon,
The one who speaks out loud.
Is it worth,
A rebirth.
If they will only cast you down?
Power bleeds,
Corrupts the heart,
But we knew this from the start.
Still we cry
For a ruler's eye
To seek out a better way

What's the price.
To find light,
In the depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know the truth?

So you beg,
'Take the reins'
But I cannot relieve the pain.
And what's worse,
I reveal a curse,
Reality within this cave

What's the price,
To find light,
In depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know truth?

They will only take your life.
They will only take your life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Business of Prison

Unless you have family or friends in prison, you are probably unaware of the market within the institutions. We (prisoners) are permitted to purchase a number of goods. These goods are either used for comfort or necessity. It is mistakenly believed that we are provided with everything we need, but this is not true. We must purchase stamps, hygiene, medical care, electronics and even some food. The problem is not that we are forced to purchase these items, the problem is that we are charged excessive rate and are not provided with the financial means to support ourselves. Our families are often burdened by our needs, as we are put in a position that required us to buy from a company that over charges on every item they sell and we are not paid enough by institutional jobs to cover expenses.
The company that provides commissary for the state of Virginia and several other states is known as Keefe. They have established contracts with the institutions that prevent us from ordering from any other source other than Keefe, as long as Keefe provides the item. Because of this, Keefe can charge as they wish, not worrying about competition, even to the point of charging nearly double normal retail prices.
Not only is Keefe 'raking it in', but those contracts I mentioned mean the state institutions receive big kickbacks from Keefe. Some extreme examples of over pricing and how we are forced into purchases:
The institution only provides us with three sets of clothing. For those of us who work institutional jobs, exercise or partake in any normal daily activities and wish to be hygienic, this means we must either purchase more clothing or wash clothes 3 times a week. Whatever choice you make, it means spending money. One plain white shirt costs $4, one pair of undershorts costs $3.50, one pair of socks costs $1.50. For anyone who has purchased any of these items from any other source, this is extremely expensive, at least for just no-name brand items. Even a 3 pack of Hanes plain white T-Shirts is only around $5 if purchased from a Department store. If you decide to wash clothes 3 times a week, you mush purchase 6oz box of tide for $2.13, which is enough for about 2 weeks worth of washings, give or take. Usually, one needs about 3 boxes per month. Now $6.39 doesn't sound like much for the month, unless you are only being paid .23cents per hour. Laundry is 1/4 of a pay check.
We are permitted to purchase a number of electronic items, including televisions, CD players, fans and electric razors. In some cases, they are necessary, in others they are a 'luxury'. Televisions are not necessary, but they do provide us with life within our cells. TVs are 13" screens and cost $200. They are a cheap brand that burn out easily. I saw the exact same TV I purchased in here for $200 in a catalog for $130... That included the shipping and handling.
Fans are needed as many institutions do not have air conditioning. They sell us an 8" cheaply made model that normally costs no more than $15 for $27. Not only is the price excessive, but they also get over on us by allowing us to have fans at some institutions and not permitting them at others. If we are transferred to a facility that does permit them, they make us get rid of the fan. Then, if we get transferred to an institution without air conditioning and we are permitted to have a fan, we have to pay to purchase a new one.
There are a number of other ways in which the prison system manipulates the rules to bleed inmates and their families. The prison system is a billion dollar industry that is taking advantage of tax-payers and operating on slave labor. They claim they need tax monies for the operation of the correction department and yet there is enough being raked in by VCE (Virginia Correctional Enterprises), the commissary and a variety of other sources to run each and every institution successfully.
Think about this: 1,500 inmates are housed here. Each inmate is required to keep $25 in a 'hold account' for release. We do not personally draw interest to this account, but how much interest does the institution draw on the nearly $40,000 they are 'holding' for us? Good questions... An even better question... Where is the money from that interest going?
Look over the institutional budget and you will see clearly fudged numbers... $1,200 for rec equipment? I can tell you now, either that was the greatest basketball in history they gave us last week or somebody's lying.
Maybe someone out there will read this and contact their representative. The State of Virginia is not alone in their violation business ethics. Prisons will only get away with these transgressions as long as they are permitted to.
Check out for more information.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 7)"

"A Flock Without A Shepard"

Sometimes we stray,
lost, lonely and broken
We need leaders,
Not overseers
Give us a hero to inspire the soul
Burden us no more...

Reckless and wild
Scattered in valleys
We need guidance
Not your violence...

No more killing in the pastures
No more blood in the fields
Remove the guns
From the hands of our future,
Give us reason to feel!

Sometimes we stray,
The passion fades away.
We need shepards
Not soldiers
Give us hope, something to believe in!
Beat us no more...
Bleed us no more...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 6)"

"Hooves Up"

Four legs good,
Two legs bad.
One step forward equals two steps back.
To live in a house is to compromise.
If you can't bare the truth,
better burn out your eyes.
'Cause a new day is coming
and we're bringing a change,
Setting fire to the liars,
and breaking the chains.

Hooves up!
Hands down!
Are you ready to say,
"The beasts rule the fields
and we're here to stay"?

Fur and feathers
Cover the flesh,
Who needs clothing when nature knows best?
No whip to the back,
No blade to the neck.
No overseer to keep us in check.
Who needs law when we possess order?
Free to do as we wish,
When there are no borders.

Hooves up!
Hands down!
Are you ready to say,
"The beasts rule the fields
and we're here to stay"?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 5)"

(Note: This lyrical entry is a personal favorite. I hope it moves you in reading as much as it moved me as I was writing it.)

"Cast From the Fields"


cast from the fields/ Reckless rulers/ Burn their bodies/ Over dying embers/ In the hollows...

Cast from the fields/ Our brutal masters/ Turn their fascists castles/ Into ashes/ Yeah, into ashes...

Throw your gauntlets down/ My troubled brethren/ Let your growls be heard/ And your claws be felt/ Let your bite sting them/ Let your teeth sink in/ Now they run/ Oh, how they run...

Cast from the fields/ With bloody warnings/ No more beatings/ No more killing/ In the hollows

Cast from the fields/ Cruel deceivers/ Crush their spirits/ Beneath our hooves/ Into the dust

Throw your gauntlets down/ My angry children/ Let your howls be heard/ And your vengeance felt/ Let your bite sting them/ Let your teeth sink in/ Now they run/ Oh, how they run

Cast from the fields/ A new dawn rising/ Let the yokes be broken/ As the barn is burning...

Throw your gauntlets down/ Lovely rebellion/ Let you growls be heard/ Reclaim your places/ Take your fields back/ Yeah, take your fields back...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

"War Cry"

I hope you're listening out there...sometimes I'm not sure. The past several months I have poured out a number of ideas, thoughts and general views, all in an effort to establish some sort of connection. Ideally, I would have offered enough to keep you intrigued and give you an understanding of who I am. At least then, if I really had something to say, people would be paying attention. Hopefully I have succeeded.

Of course, the journey has taken many twists and turns. For those who have continued to follow me, I thank you. Patience will pay off. I have to "introduce" myself. To open my mind and offer the things that were contained within the world. Much of it was written years ago and I felt a need to clear out the old, laying a foundation for posts to come.

I believe it has been fairly obvious that I am disgruntled, not with life in general but with the direction we are headed. See, I think Utopia is obtainable, we are the greatest obstacle to achieving such a society. Man is a violent, greedy, lazy beast and nothing will change until we learn to overcome our iniquities. We have the choice to unite and ascend or to self-destruct.

The question is no longer how to achieve such a state but when we will really begin working toward it. Peace is easy. The answers are out there and only our own mentalities hold us back.

I'm tired of our fighting over a piece of land when there is enough for everyone. Property should not be an issue. No more borders, no more walls, no more nations.

I'm tired of the arguing about who really knows God and the animosity held against those who disagree. That relationship is personal. Just as in a family with multiple children, each child developing an individual relationship with the father or other, so too do we each develop an individual relationship with the divine. We do not try to force our brothers and sisters to feel exactly the same about our parents as we do.

I'm sick of suffering through money problems when if everyone worked together, everyone could live comfortably. Why must we horde and squander what we don't ever need, even for comfort.

I don't want to hear anymore excuses...

The time has come for a new nation to rise from the ashes of a world on fire. It is time to put our foot down upon the necks of the tyrants, cast down oppressors and greedy, selfish politicians. It is time for heroes to stand up and the world to once again push forward, rather than being content with the way things are.

We must always remember to stand for what is true and what is righteous. Never compromise ideals, not those you have for yourself nor those you expect to hold for society. Let's begin building a brighter future.

Fight for what you believe in.

Refuse, Resist, Rise Above, Regret Nothing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Burden"

I am fairly certain that most believe prison is a harsh, violent place, filled with those unfit to live successfully in society. While a portion of those in here fit that description, many of us were young, foolish and impulsive when we committed our crimes. It took a lesson of great magnitude to wake us up to the reality of life. Some would say too little, too late. Now our lives are to be wasted as the lawmakers have determined it serves them to dispose of us like garbage or use us for their own greedy ends.

Currently, my position is one that leaves me a burden on my family and on the state. I have no means by which to relieve this, as the institutional policies prevent me from doing anything to elevate my circumstances. Not that I should profit or get rich but I wish to be able to support myself like any responsible adult.

This is not my greatest concern though. What troubles me the most is my past. Looking back I can see the consequences of my actions, not on myself but on others. I am beginning to understand empathy and truly reflect on the pain that I have caused others throughout my years of ignorance. My remorse is not for myself but for everyone else. For my brother, who used to adore and idolize his older brother, who is now bitter and angry...My brother, who is heartbroken and headed down a bad road. Not that he was ever the "target" of my actions but only now am I realizing how much greater the impact of my past. My remorse is for my Mom, who sheds so many tears and often blames herself for me going wrong...Though it was never her fault. My remorse is for all those who have experienced loss because of me or were in any way burdened by my own stupidity.

If an apology could fix anything then let the mending begin. For I truly am sorry but an apology can't take away the past. Honestly, I don't know if it is worth anything in the grand scheme of life. I suppose those affected by my mistakes have to accept that apology but it still doesn't change anything that has occurred.

I now take a moment to ask, on behalf of the ones who wish to atone, what can we do? Personally, I wish to do all I can to contribute to society, to give back all I can. I'm just not sure where to begin. I suppose the inspiration I can offer through this blog is a start but I feel I could do so much more. The problem is American prison systems are just warehousing us, not giving us the chance to contribute, to atone.

Grant me and others like me the opportunity to do something worthwhile. Enough of my life has been wasted.

Now, it may sound as though I am begging for clemency. While I desire freedom, I realize and accept what I have done and why I am in prison. Someday I will get out and I will continue working towards a productive life. All I am saying, on behalf of myself and my fellow "repentants", is that this time should be just as productive. Save the "warehouses" for those who don't care about making something better out of their lives.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 4)"

"The Day the Cows Became the Butchers"

Don't you,
Don't you speak...
If they hear
They'll come for you,
Knives out,
Guns Drawn,
Cold hearts beating through

It was a day like any other day,
Till they came in from the fields.
Dressed in white smocks,
And sacrificial grins,
To turn tables on the hated.
It was all a simple plan
To overthrow a beast called man,
On the day the cows became the butchers.

Run away,
Run for your lives...
The meats
Now possess the means,
To break chains,
And rise up
Against those who bare teeth.

In the depths of night they crept from pastures,
To feast upon the flesh of their masters.
With paper hats,
And plastic gloves,
To keep blood from their hooves.
It was all a simple plan
To overthrow a beast called man,
On the day the cows became the butchers.

An no one will hear our screams
Beneath the sounds of baying hounds
And the squealing pigs
As they slay us all
With tools once used on them
On the day the cows became the butchers.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"To My Readers"

My sister has noted my appreciation for the comments made to posts and she has stressed how much I enjoy having an outlet but I wanted to take a moment to speak for myself. I was intrigued by the idea of this blog, as I spend a lot of time writing and yet I had no one to share my thoughts with. There is so much I have to say but as I wrote once "a fallen tree, all alone, doesn't make a sound". I didn't want that. I want to make a sound. When I "fall" or when I rise, I want the forest to shake with the impact.

Many thanks to those who have "tuned in" each week to read my posts. I can't promise to always inspire or to always entertain but I try. As long as my sister continues to help me in this endeavor, I will continue to contribute my thoughts, ideas and passion. Even if I am left with only one reader, I will offer something.

Be assured that if I do not respond immediately to every posted comment, I am reading them. My sister sends printouts every few weeks. I enjoy the feedback and I am often inspired by what is shared with me. I hope to continue hearing from my followers and encourage more comments.

While the growth of my blog seems to have slowed considerably, I am not disheartened. I realize this forum is much more interactive than I can be. Who knows what the future may hold and I hope more followers will sign on in the coming months. For my past mistakes the State of Virginia has thrown me away but I do not wish to see my life or my time wasted. Whatever I can do to contribute to society's growth, through my talents, the sharing of my experiences, my ideas, or otherwise, I will do. I can't change what I have done, I can only make a difference through the things I will do.

Again, I say, I am as much inspired and provoked to thought by your comments as I hope you are by my posts. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for that.

What more can I say but that my hopes are each of you will continue to follow my posts and that more will come along for the ride. Where this journey may take us, I do not know, but I am sure it will be epic. Together we can spark a new "age of enlightenment".

The Saga continues...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 3)"

"Unecessary Roughness"

Take the whip...
Take the whip to them all,
So they'll learn

Grind the hoof...
Grind the hoof to glue,
So they'll burn

And when you beat the horse
Make damn sure it's good and dead

Drive the boot...
Drive the boot into them all,
So they'll break

Drag them down...
Drag them down to the ground,
Till they hate

Don't let them get up
We sure as hell can't afford that

'Cause when you rule the fields
You gotta rule with an iron hand

And when you beat the horse
Make damn sure it's good and dead.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"A Nation Divided"

CNN has been examining the state of racial relations here in America. I have watched a number of specials, interviews and reports dealing with this issue and quite honestly, I am sick of it. It has me wondering how much of an issue racism actually is and how much of it is actually created by oversensitivity and the media.

Someone is probably getting upset right now reading this..."How dare he say I'm just oversensitive!" Really, well let me explain my view.

Recently I heard an interview with Al Sharpton. He made the statement that we have to recognize the "N-word" for the derogatory term that it is. "Every other race has a derogatory term that is taboo to use, why shouldn't the black race have one." Now, in my opinion, this is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard, spoken out of what I see to be insecurity. If you are truly insecure with yourself then the power of a derogatory term holds no influence over you. Call me "honky", "cracker" or "white trash" if you wish, I don't care. Your opinion of me doesn't change the truth of who I am. And if you hate me because of my skin, my sexual orientation or my religion, so what. You're an idiot.

The fact is that we are creating racists everyday by making such a big deal out of racism. It is the supposed "targets" of racism that are causing racist reactions, creating new racists and acting racist.

Growing up I didn't see colors, I saw people. From third grade to fifth grade I highly respected a guy named Felix. His mom and dad were from Africa. I never saw Felix or his family as "black". He was just another kid in my class. My best friend was a kid named Sovan. He and his family were from Cambodia, an exotic idea but not one that made me look at him any differently than another kid.

Later, when I was 13, one of my friends was a guy named Tony. He was black but I never really paid it any attention. He was a friend and his skin color was never a factor.

It wasn't until I was well into my teens that race became an issue adn only then because other races pointed it out to me. I still didn't see "color" but others saw mine. I was exposed to racism not by racist whites but by minorities who saw all whites as racist...Now, who are the real racists?

Since coming to prison my experiences with racial issues has become more pronounced. Constantly I hear people blaming the "white man" for their problems. I see shows mocking whites and comedians making jokes about white guys. Recently a "black" magazine (Essence I think) was bashed by the African-American public beucase it hired a white fashion correspondent. An African heritage sotre refusing to hire a white man because it does not work for the "theme" of the store...

Personally, none of those things bother me. If I opened a European heritage store I would probably only hire those of European decent, not out of racism but out of a sense of commitment to the idea behind that business. No major issue is raised when "reverse" racism occurs, the "minority" verses the "white man", but the smallest transgression by a white person is blown out of proportion.

I'm not trying to say that racism doesn't exist or that its not a problem. What I am saying is that the more of an issue we make out of it, the bigger the problem becomes. Dr. Laura says the "N-word" 11 times on the radio and CNN airs 20 different programs that showcase the interviews with Dr. Laura, the victim, and every specialist on racism they can find over the next week. Suddenly, what was either an ignorant act of racism or just poor judgment, is now a serious matter, more proof that our nation is divided. Maybe that's what we want, a nation divided.

Here's the fact of the matter, if someone is a racist, so what. That perosn is entitled to his or her opinion. the more of an issue you make out of ignorant statements or ideas, the more power you give to them.

A law forcing a business to hire a certain number of minorities is, in my view, racist. And if an employer chooses not to hire someone based on race, so what, it's his business. If you disagree, don't patronize the business.

I am white and in prison I am the minority. I am often racially discriminated against and deal with racist attitudes because I am white. Guess what, I don't care. I deal with people who treat me fairly and equally. I avoid those who don't. Their attitudes have no affect on my day-to-day activities and I realize they are born out of ignorance, not because I have done anything wrong.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 2)"

"Scarecrows Watching"

Alone we hand to witness the crimes,
Brutal seasons of Holocaustic passions.
Forgotten images of simpler times,
The Ones who watch through falling ashes.
Oh, what visions we must endure,
As flesh and blood corrupts the pure!

Not alive and yet...not dead,
Nailed to our twisted trees.
Staring out 'cross fields of red,
Soaked in the blood of burdened beasts.
Oh, what bitter view we have
As mankind shows its darkest half...

You can't judge
What is only made of straw.

And when yesterdays become a haze
Beneath their cloud of hypocrisy,
Let only the bad fade away,
Away from battered memory
Oh, what dire fate our futures hold
As nations create a war so cold.

But you can't judge
What is only made of straw.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Common Grounds"

With the violence in the Middle East, here in the U.S. and throughout history that has been and is carried out in the name of "religion", I must take a moment to speak on this institution. I wish to be clear that I am not an atheist or anti-spirttual, I simply have an opposition to the institutionalization of religios views and fanaticism. It sickens me to think that humans kill and belittle their fellow man all for a God they obviously don't know.

To create, to cause is divine. Destruction is the absence of "God". Perhaps if the overzealous, religious fanatics spent the same amoutn of time studying holy works and the world around them, "God's" creation, that they spend being mad about the fact that someone disagrees with them, they would learn love and understanding.

I often wonder what has become of the great thinkers who seek to develop society as a unified people. Why have we slowed in efforts to create a better world? Where did the motivation for philosophical thought and inovation disappear to? Have we blown up all the muses?

It seems to me that we have become so consumed with proving who has the right answers, that we have stopped looking for answers.

The truth is that many of the points disagreed on by the various funtions are merely samantics. As much effort as is put towards petty disputes over who is right or wrong, if it was put towards bettering the world or doing the good things "God" desires for us, this world would be that much closer to a Utopian society.

Stop being morons! Live your lives the way you choose, as long as it is healty and productive and who cares what the next man does, as long as it is healthy and productive. Ultimately, our goals are all the same...Happiness and Righteousness.

Let us focus on what we have in common and how we can build on that, rather than focusing on our differences.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Introduction & Entry 1)"


What follows are a series of lyrical entries inspired by both the works of George Orwell and the power-hungry nature within man. While Orwell often targeted the Communist View in his political satires (Animal farm and 1984), the fact remains that all power corrupts the selfish and weakminded. True leaders do not need to dominate, they only need to guide and inspire.

Unfortunately, our politicians are rather "beastly". The great leaders are being lost beneath the mud slung by opponents and "quick fix" mentalities. The common man is ground beneath the feet of big business and the nation is ruled by the dollar.

No end is in sight, for should you take down one tyrant, another rises in its place. Until we learn to be independant, free-thinking, self-motivated individuals, we will continue to be herded like the beasts we are...

"Kingdom of Man"

"Dominion was given
To all men living
And yet we abused..."

To settle disputes.
How did we fall so far?
We love our weapons
and our right to choose
the faces of our stars.
It is a world for us to do with
Whatever we wish.
Will one be allowed to live,
or merely exists?

This is the kingdom of man
Necessary force applied
Ruled by an iron hand
To make you understand
that we are your masters.

To the baying of all our hounds
we turn a deafened ear
no need to listen to their foolish sounds
no need to end their fears
for we are the only reflection of God
Let's not forget our places
domination over this chunk of sod
belongs to human faces.

This is the kingdom of Man
necessary force applied
ruled by an iron hand
to make you understand
that we are your masters.

"Two legs stand
loking out across decaying fields
and the corpses of weaker species
laughing with the knowledge
that he is true lord of beasties..."

None are greater than he who bares the whip,
all others must succomb
to the laws bred from human lip
and lies born on their tongue.

We'll make you understand
That we are teh Masters of Creation

Thursday, October 14, 2010

"In Honor Of..." (Part 4)

Keeping in line with the visual arts I move from the realms of motion picture entertainment to the painters and graphic artists who inspired me. Before I ever had a true appreciation for art, I could draw. My earliest influences came from the drawings I found in graphic novels and comic books. Mad Magazine's Sergio Aragones and Marvel's Jack Kirby were among my favorites. Even now I highly respect their works and feel that their artistic contributions are under appreciated.

Later in life I began to uncover the beauty of renaissance works and the more "intellectual" works throughout history. I discovered Van Gogh, Monet, Dali and Michelangelo and began to understand the power of their works.

Art is passion. Truly, it is the amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into a work that gives it a voice, not the amount of "skill" or paint. I couldn't really appreciate art until I understood that.

While I have a strong appreciation for artists like Andy Warhol, M.C. Escher and Pablo Picasso, my experience with the visual arts has a more commercial foundation. Most of my influences have come from comic books, CD jackets and book covers. I am particularly inspired by Fantasy/Sci-Fi imagery. Artists like H.R. Geiger have the unique ability to create visionary landscapes and unique beings.

I can't name the artists but CD jackets like Sublime's self-titled release, Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Deluxe" and Megadeth's "Peace Sells But Who's Buying" displayed intriguing and inspirational imagery.

Only now is pop-culture beginning to discover the depth of the story lines found in comic books but I still don't feel the artwork is given the credit it is due. I believe the Superhero image is a metamorphoses of the ancient depictions of gods and goddesses. I find myself lost in the pages of a well-drawn book for the imagery as much as for the story lines.

Hopefully, in the future, Jacky Kirby and Todd McFarlane will receive the artistic credit they deserve, not just by the comic genre, but by the art world in general. They are the modern influences on the future of the art world.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Blood & Water"

These are the days...
These are the days...
These are the days of my life
And I've always known
That I was alone,
And I can't go home to my life...
But just a picture,
Or a memory,
Won't make me better...
Oh, better than I was last night.

These are the times...
These are the times...
These are the times that I cannot forget
So when I die,
Be sure to close my eyes
Don't want to see you cry when the darkness sets...
And if the blood
Is really thicker
Than water...
Oh, the water it can't get me wet.

And I want to know...
I want to know right now
Will I ever be free?

We stand to lose...
We stand to lose...
We stand to lose a lot in our lives.
God only knows
As we walk these roads
Will we see the truth through all of the lies?
And if the blood
Is no better
Than the water...
Oh, the water's gonna take out my eyes

But just a picture
Or a memory
Won't make me better...

Better than I was last night...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Responsible Citizenship"

So much time is spent searching for excuses or placing blame, that few in prison ever find responsibility. This is what leads so many to a continuous cyle of crime. The do not believe themselves to be living an "unrighteous" lifestyle, therefore they make no effort to change. This lack of motivation leads to a revolving door system.

Prisoners are not alone in the irresponsible living, in fact most of the world is currently in a state of "blame first". Everyone is searching for the easy way out and rather than accepting their own ignorance, they point out the ignorance in another. We blame childhood, rate, the "system" and anything else we can find for the problems in our lives and yet, as much as we divert the blame or burden, we still find no satisfaction.

The reason so many of us are consumed with blame is that we don't like being wrong, but until we accept our wrong doings, we cannot move forward in our lives. We will be stuck in the past mistakes, consumed by our own emotional turmoil.

I once found myself caught in this state of blame and occassionally find myself slipping back into old habits. I don't like being wrong either but if I am ever going to move forward I must accept when I do wrong or when I allow for negative circumstances.

If I do drugs or ingest alcohol I cannot blame the substance for actions I commit while under the influence. I knew the possibilities but I made the choice to take in the substance anyway. I can only blame myself.

I may not always control outside influences but I do control how I allow them to affect me and how I respond...

I watch the news a lot in here and I often see the state of affairs. Many of the criminals blame the system or their pasts. I see people suing one another, corporations and various institutions for the stupidest reasons. Why sue a restaurant if you spill coffee on yourself? Just be more careful next time, moron!

We have the power to choose...We are responsible for our own lives. Even if a law prevents us from doing something, we shoose to follow it or oppose it. If you feel a law is wrong, strive to change it. Advocate what you feel is right or accept that if you oppose the "standard" you can blame noone but yourself for the outcome.

Until we can all learn to accept responsibility for our own actions and become mature enough to work towards productive lifestyles, civilization will continue to push towards a disaster. It is the current finger pointing, irresponsibility that continues to give rise to war and ignorance in our world.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Strike Me Down"

Sometimes its easier to believe
That nothing could ever go wrong
That love will surely pass away
And the pain will soon be gone
Well, if the storm doesn't fill me
The fires will
My soul absorbs her silence
Just enough to kill.

And if you strike me down
Will I still feel it tomorrow?
And if I hit the ground
Will I find that I am hollow?

Sometimes it's easier to forget
Then to ever have really loved
Than to remember how you moved
And the way you handled the gun
Well, if the bullets don't fill me
The daggers will
My heart beats like violence
Just enough to kill.

And if you strike me down
Will I still feel it tomorrow?
And if I hit the ground
Will I find that I am hollow?

Well, if the poison doesn't fill me
The passion will
Her eyes dig into me
Deep enough to kill.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

"In Honor Of..." (Part III)

From music and books, I move into the realm of modern society's most influencial forums, television and film. Now I have often heard it said that these platforms are negative influences but I choose to recognize the artistic qualities of motion pictures. I cannot deny the influence television and film has had on me from a creative standpoint. Of course, as with anything we do in life, if there is not moderation it can be bad.

Television was a huge inspiration and source of entertainment early on in my life. Movies were visual stimulants and intriguing storylines that created new realities. I still remember the first movie script I wrote was a sequel to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I had just seen the movie and was so inspired, I went home and began writing a "follow-up".

Television and movies remain a sourse of inspriation for me, though I am finding less and less quality programming. Hopefully the tide will shift and the power of motion pictures will once again acheive the gold age.

I offer three lists here: My 10 favorite TV shows, My 10 favorite movies adn my 10 favorite film makers (in no particular order):


1. The Muppet Show
2. The Incredible Hulk
3. The Twilight Zone
4. The A-Team
5. Quantum Leap
6. Twin Peaks
7. Seinfeld
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel
9. Las Vegas
10. Family Guy

* Recently I have become addicted to the ABC Family show PRETTY LITTLE LIARS which reminds me of a watered down, PG version of TWIN PEAKS. Excellent program.


1. True Romance
2. Back to the Future
3. Ghost Busters
4. Unforgiven
5. The Goonies
6. Unbreakable
7. Mallrats
8. Dark City
9. Raising Arizona
10. Legends of the Fall


1. Joel & Ethan Cohen
2. Quentin Taratino
3. David Lynch
4. Clint Eastwood
5. Stanley Kubrick
6. Stephen Spielberg/ George Lucas
7. Ivan Reitman
8. Francis Ford Coppola
9. Wes Craven
10. Mel Brooks

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Before the Sky Fell"

Before the sky fell in on me
I had a simple life without wings

I used to live down on Century
spending days lost in my dreams

But all those memories faded
all the memories faded...

Don't you come to see me anymore?
wish it all was like it was before

Before the sky began to cave
I believed that I could be saved

I used to laugh like these were no graves
Playing out my childhood games

But all those memories faded
All the memories faded...

Don't you come to see me anymore?
wish it all was like it was before

Before the sky came down on my head
I believed every word that they said

I used to sleep in a comfortable bed
Not afraid I might wake up dead

But all those memories faded
All the memories faded
All the memories...
All my memories...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Lingering Mists"

The morning rides on the wind
I breathe lingering mists
And she reminds me of a sad, sad story
I don't believe she exists

And what's a dream to the dark
When the sun breaks my heart
with every memory I'm buried in agony
I should have known from the start

That you were no good...

Feel like I'm barely alive
When the mist hits my eyes
Each moment fades with the passing of days
Leaves scars on the inside

And what's a dream in the dark
A place where I'm torn apart
My hopes were dashed with only a glance
I should have know from the start

That you were no good...

No good for me...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To: Dan's Loyal Followers

I am sorry but I neglected to post a Tuesday entry for my brother's blog. The last week was rough for me. My husband and I are moving and I am 7 months pregnant so with all of the chaos, his blog slipped my mind. His postings will resume tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for your support! Please remember that if you leave a comment to subscribe to that post so that you are notified when he responds to your comments. He sends his responses at least once a month so please be patient and be assured that he does read all of your comments.

Thanks Again!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"The Building of a Temple"

From the moment of our conception we begin constructing our legacy in life. We can picture it as the building of a temple, for we are sacred creations. Within us is the Divine just as we are with the Divine. It is our duty to build on a sturdy foundation and insure we do proper maintenance.

But we must be vigilant, for there is much in this life that can lead us astray. There are even those out there who seek to destroy the "temples" we are building but if our foundation is strong and we continue to build upon it, the towers will ascend to the heights. Construct a mighty fortress of wisdom and righteousness, then throw open the doors, so that those who seek truth may discover within...Blessed are the teachers for they give hope and guidance to a brighter future.

But give light only to those who tire of darkness, for many wish to believe in shadows rather than the realities that cast them and many create their own realities without regard to truth or consequences. Their minds are not receptive to wisdom and their response will be anger rather than acceptance. Though their foundations are weak and easily crumble, they choose to try tearing down anothers temple rather than rebuild their own.

Fools believe themselves to be wise, to possess truth. The wise man knows he is still a fool, for the wise man knows he is far from perfect and still lacks knowledge. The wise man never forgets he is incomplete and unless he can know ALL things, he understands that he can never be sure of anything. The fool accepts and looks no further, while the wise man continues to strive for the highest possible realms and then beyond. The wise man examines fully anything he discovers in order to fully comprehend. The fool sees only the surface, while the wise man digs to the depths to insure a sturdy foundation supports the premise.

It is our duty to continue building upon our own foundations and to insure the building blocks are sturdy enough to stand the tests of time. Be a shining example of structural integrity and when others look upon you, let them find no flaw.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The Book of W.A.R. (When Anarchy Reigns)"

Imperfect palpatations pump pain in my veins/ venomous, vindictive adn violently insane/ A new breed of terror bubbling beneath/ Brilliantly psychotic, symphonic Anarchy/ Another architect for the agression in man/ Menacing, maniacal, Armeggedon I am/ Ripped from the headlines, evolution extract/ Mainstream media make way for my mental impact/ Crashing down like a comet from the heavens above/ Say your prayers, sinners, revolution has come/ Beneath the shadow of a Dragon with a lyrical bite/ Injecting my infection, granting spiritual sight.

Wide eyes...
Wide awake...
Forever more,
This is War!

Resurrect the brutal nation that brought us elevation/ A brand new infestation of rebellious inclination/ an heir to the throne, whom you've thrown before the swine/ Thus I bend all existence by the will of my mind/ Burn from the retinas institutional symbolism/ Single-minded suckers stuck in their schisms/ When injustice becomes law, rebellion is duty/ But we're quick to pull out guns and slow to start shooting/ And when bullets start flying, watch the sheep scatter/ The pride of a nation left hanging in tatters/ Remnants of our past becoming faded history/ Warped by politics and shaded memory.

Wide eyes...
Wide Awake...
Forever more
This is W.A.R.!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Declaration of Independance"

Several days ago a guy came to me and told me about something known as "the American Sovereignty Act". According to him, it allows each of us to declare ourselves independant, self-governed entities. A nation in and of oneself.

He went on to say that we are all currently "straw men" owned by the United States. Our social security number is basically our bar code...the deed to our person. For the price of $250 and by declaring yourself a corporation you are no longer a subject of the United States, for you have "purchased" yourself back.

Now whether any of this is true, I am unsure. I don't have access to the necessary resources to investigate. I do know that our government has slowly been tipping the scales of power. What was once "by the people, for the people" has become "by the dollar, for the dollar". The more we head to the government's will, the less control the people possess adn Democracy is lost. We must think as individuals to create a united society and when injustice rules, we must stand up for what is right.

Remember, revolution has always led us to freedom and if we don't fight for what we believe in, those beliefs will be stripped from us.

No man owns me! I may be in prison but I am free to do as I choose. I choose a path of righteousness, not because it says somewhere that I have to but because it is my duty. My rights are not granted by a nation, they are mine by birth. and no one can take that from me. In the past I chose wrong doing because I was ignorant, thus I had to be muzzled like a dog. I gave power to others. Now that the veil has been lifted from my eyes, I take back that power. The government may rule the land but I rule myself. No one holds any power over me on this plane.

Abide by the laws of the land while in the land out of respect adn if they impose no burden. Fight only laws that are injust and illogical. Never let anyone rule you or what belongs to you and never try to dominate others. Live and let live! Declare yourselves a free people, pushing toward a brighter future.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Prophecies of a Rebel"

I, "The Dragon Unleashed"
Beneath the flesh
Within the shadows...
...The Dragon lurks.

A beast without beginning
A fall without a rise

he waits...

And the world shall know fury...
The world shall taste flames
A lyrical dragon
For the nuclear age.

Prepare the universe for a psychotic burst
Raw and uncut, like a gem in the earth
They say the sky turned black on the day of my birth
Dead on arrival, resurrected a curse
A mind interspersed with poetic fire
From the pen drips words set to inspire
A revolutionary shock like electrical wires
Sparks within a system of funeral pyres.

The growls within
Fracturing soul
Pushing me further
into Abyss....

But none shall contain.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Here and Now"

I have been thinking about the past lately, how the days go by and when they're gone, they are gone for good, at least in all but memory. Looking back it seems so strange that we could have been there at that moment and now we are here in this one. We often take each moment for granted. Some of us spend so much time dwelling on what was, we miss what is or could be.

It is with this in mind I am struck by a realization. The present is our only reality. The past is no more and the future has yet to be shaped.

Who I am today is not the same as who I was yesterday and the person I will be tomorrow will be different in some way than the person I am today.

We are constantly evolving. Some changes are so small we don't notice them right away. Others have powerful impacts upon our lives. Regardless of the size of the changes, they occur all the time within us and without.

What this means is that we must live for each moment, experiencing all we can. Change is okay. Grow and become a better person for the future to come, because when tomorrow becomes today, you want to leave a good impression for the soon to be recorded past.

Do not be afraid to rise up and face the future. Do not regret the past. Empower the present and make each moment count for something.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"An Old Friend"

I met an old friend,
but has she changed now
Is she still into me,
or has it all gone down
I never forgot the way she touched me
My world came apart
and I'm still breaking.

Why'd you go away?
Did you think of me,
---While you were gone?

Please hold onto me,
I feel I'm slipping
A little further in need,
the scales are tipping.
I've lost all control, my breath escapes me
I'm in love once again, so inspirating

Why'd you go away?
Did you think of me,
---While you were gone?

I hide
My words
I die
For her

So reckless and wild,
I'll take my chances
An old friend to a child,
Yesterday's romances
Please hold onto me, I'm still shaking
Don't you let go again, recreate me.

Why'd you go away?
Did you think of me,
---While you were gone?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"In Honor Of..." (Part II)

After books, my second great love and probably the most influential factor in my life, was and is music.

Growing up my Mom, my Dad and My Step-Dad were always playing a variety of music. The styles ranged from Tchaikovsky, to Carly Simon, to Ozzy Osborne. Probably the most musically diverse was (and is) my Dad. I remember traveling all around the country with him and as we drove he would play all kinds of music. Much of it was from obscure bands or at least compared to the more "popular" music but I was exposed to the Police, R.E.M. and even Metallica through my Dad's collection.

At that time, music was only a part of the background. It was fun to sing along and try to decipher lyrics but its full impact didn't hit me until I was like 9 or 10...

I remember finding a copy of Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bank by The Beatles in the floorboard of my Step-Dad's car. It was in those moments of my first listening that music reached into the depths of me and touched my soul. The album took me to new heights and pulled me down into heartache. Never had I experienced an emotional roller coaster like the one Lennon, McCarthy, Starr and Harrison took me on that day. It was the Beatles who made me fall in love with music.

From that point on the affair has only blossomed, the power of music never ceasing to incite my passions. While my tastes are diverse and I believe that music is music, each style unique and possessing the ability to speak to me in many different ways. I take pleasure from listening to Al Green, Guns'N'Roses and Dr. Dre. Johnny Cash inspires me as much as Korn or NOFX. Of course, I have my favorites so, if anyone cares here are my 10 favorite albums, 10 favorite songs and 10 favorite artists in no particular order. Maybe someone discovers something new or opens the door to something unexpected.

10 Favorite Albums:

* Radiohead - OK Computer
* Nirvana - In Utero
* Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream
* Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
* Alice in Chains - Dirt
* Deftones - White Pony
* Tool - Aenima
* Mudvayne - The End of All Things to Come
* The Beatles - Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
* Sublime - 40oz. to Freedom

10 Favorite Songs:

* "Lithium" - Nirvana
* "Disamrm" - Smashing Pumpkins
* "Nutshell" - Alice in Chains
* "Landslide" - Fleetwood Mac
* "High & Dry" - Radiohead
* "Passenger" - Deftones
* "Changes" - David Bowie
* "Hurt" - Nine Inch Nails
* "My Life" - The Beatles
* "Tourniquet" - Marilyn Manson

10 Favorite Artists

* Nirvana
* Radiohead
* Alice in Chains
* Tool/ A Perfect Circle
* Deftones
* Smashing Pumpkins
* The Beatles
* Nine Inch Nails
* Jim Morrison/ The Doors
* Sublime

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Forget & Forgive"

The light in the distance seems to fade
Alone once again with my pain
The wind blows and there I go
Softly struck by tears from yesterday.

It's not enough that I've broken myself into two
I had to go and pour it all out onto you
Whatever I've done, I have done in my ignorance
I'm sorry for that, I'm sorry for not making sense.

Forget and Forgive
Live and let live
Forget and Forgive
This I did not intend
But my eyes were blind
To the pain you felt inside.

It's not enough that I've broken your heart once or twice
I've never done one good thing in my life
If it all comes down let it all come down onto me
'Cause what I deserve is more than just not to be.

Forget and Forgive
Live and let live
Forget and Forgive
This I did not intend
But my eyes were blind
To the pain you felt inside.

The light in the distance seems to fade
Alone once again with my pain
The wind blows and there I go
Softly struck by tears from yesterday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"In Honor Of..." (Part I)

Our heroes are fading in this age of instant communication and fleeting moments of fame. Truly influencial and dynamic individuals are overshadowed by pop-culture phenomenon. We are losing our connection to the artistic mind.

I have always felt it is important to honor those who were most influencial in our lives. Those of us who seek to cause change or create were inspired by something and we should recognize those inspirational sources. Without them no change would have occurred in us and we could not become an inspiration to others.

Therefore, I would like to honor the sparks that started the fires of passion within me:

* Books - A comment was made by a reader (Wolfie) of my blog that reading had changed her and taught many lessons. I too found much within the pages of books. Reading was my first love and I devoured all I could get my hands on.

My earliest inspirations came from the Hardy Boys, The Chronicles of Narnia and Mad Magazine. I still remember the first "book" I wrote was a Hardy Boy/Encyclopedia Brownesque story of a boy who road his bike around solving mysteries. It was extremely derivative but it began the flow of creative juices.

From there I found Tolkien, King and Stan Lee. The realms of possibility opened to me and new worlds were revealed.

My love for good stories, interesting characters and the discovery of new worlds has continued to this day. Most recently it has been George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series andthe Twilight series that have hooked me and influenced my creative side.

I leave you with a list of my 10 favorite books. If you have missed any of them, I would recommend them highly.

* The Dialogues of Plato
* The Sirens of Titan - Kurt Vonnegut
* The Long Walk - Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman
* A Confedaracy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole
* Animal Farm - George Orwell
* The Count of Monte Christo - Alexandre Dumas
* Song of Ice and Fire Series - George R.R. Martin
* Civil Disobedience - H.D. Thoreau
* The World According to Garp - John Irving
* Salem's Lot - Stephen King

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Philosophically speaking,
I'm analytically thinking,
That politics is creeping,
Into my religion...

And with a poisoned blend,
I dose my way to the end,
Where all my worldly sins,
Are left unforgiven...

And if I look back to the past,
To see only fools,
How could I be wise,
Or know all the rules?

So, spiritually screaming,
I unleash my inner Demon,
That tiny voice of reason,
In a world of ignorance...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Life Eternal"

True death comes when one loses passion, curiosity, desire, inspiration, will, hope and open mindedness for the spirit will live on if it possesses these virtues. Immortality is a possibility for all.

Let emotion fill you, for he who feels love, joy, hate, sorrow and fear is truly alive and has the ability to experience all things as they are meant to be. The passionate man sees to the depths of reality. Without passion, the spirit is dead and the body soon follows.

Those who continue to grow and expand their views, in order to encompass all understanding, gain access to the heights and open the doors to all possibility. It is the one who keeps seeking, that continues to find...But the mind that is without curiosity has ceased to function and begun to decay.

Open your mind to longing, for he who continues to want will continuously strive to obtain. Without desire there is no purpose and without purpose there is no more reason to live.

Seek out stimulation, for he who keeps himself active will have great impact and will cause many things to come into existence. When you no longer allow yourself to be inspired, the worms begin to eat away at you until nothing is left.

Be durable and impossible to break, stubborn in your convictions, for the one who stands firm and holds true will find all chains fall away and all doors become open before him. But without a strong will, oppression is your only fate and no light shall penetrate the darkness that is your destiny.

Always have faith that the good things will come, for the one who understands that bad times serve their purpose and will eventually pass, will never become discouraged and will manifest his own destiny. Without hope, there is only emptiness and eternal suffering.

Believe in nothing and believe in everything, for he who continues to excavate the architecture of the universe will uncover the gems hidden within. Love all things and hate all things as well, for he who can see the flaws in friends and admire the strengths in foes, knows there is purpose and that change is necessary. Without an open mind, blindness descends upon the spirit and death is immanent.

The mind is a weapon, let no one fine you unarmed. Those that are always prepared can never be taken by surprise. Those that have honed their weapons on the whetstone of life's virtues will continue to survive and mature.

Direct correspondences can be made to me at:

Daniel Jackson #1182398
Powhatan Correctional Center
State Farm, VA 23160

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"If Love is a Splendid Thing (Then Why Aren't You Still Here)"

Wake up with a black lung,
And a cup of coffee...
Wonderin' where the night went;
And did it end
With pleasant dreams,
Fading memories...
Symphonies of your voice
Your touch on my skin

Shower, shave, dress for work,
But your scent still lingers.
Like the cool mornings mist,
So hard to resist.
These thoughts of you,
Though far too few,
Draw upon my reserves
Drag me down into bliss

If I make it through today,
Still gotta survive tomorrow,
And a life without you
Just won't do...

So, I come to you bleeding,
Begging and pleading,
Feeding off the hope,
That you feel this too

And if love is a splendid thing,
Then why aren't you still here...
'Cause, maybe only one of us feels this,
And maybe this is as real as it gets.

But if I'm wrong...
Then please come back.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Live and Let Live"

The most dangerous sins to mankind are labeling and censorship. Labels create boxes and these boxes cause narrow viewpoints. These narrow minded views lead to racism, religious disputes and xenophobic attitudes. One must be able to keep an open-mind and have the vision to see beyond the limits of all possibility. In so doing, one may continue to evolve and achieve purpose.

When we begin down the path of censorship we begin to search for obscenity. But what is obscene to some, may not be so for others. Can any man judge my emotions or tastes? None but I can see what lies within me and the Divine Mind knows the path that leads to righteousness and truth is different for all. It is our duty to seek our own path and to express our emotions, while harming none and working to better the world we live in.

Take care, for when one begins to look for obscenity, one soon begins to find obscenity in all things. And where do witch hunts always end? With innocents strapped to execution pyres!

You must live your own life, not the lives of others. If something is found to be offensive to your tastes, or it is not enjoyable for you, then just ignore it. The only true obscenity, which cannot be ignored, is the forcing of ideals or beliefs upon another, or hindering another from the expression of their own ideals or beliefs. If one does not wish to see, hear, taste, smell or touch, then that person should be free to make that choice. But in now way should the person who is presenting the material, which may be found "offensive" to some, be restricted in the right to express. Nor should anyone who wishes to partake in the supposedly "offensive" material be restricted in that right.

Always remember, sometimes what one finds offensive, another may find inspirational. What was vulgar to the majority becomes standard and acceptable. Respect for someones right to express does not indicate you are in agreement. Tolerance does not indicate liking. Taking pleasure in something does not label you under a particular banner.

I am who I am, all things and nothing. The is to be, so be with every fiber and break the chains of classification. Regardless of circumstance, we are free people...Free to think, believe and choose whatever we desire. But we should always remember that our duty lies in the betterment of ourselves and all of humankind. Focus on what you can do, not on what others are or are not doing.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Prejudicial Court is Now in Session"

Hello again,
dear friend,
Been a long time
And yet...
I still hear you in my sleep.

The raspy growl of scars,
and the rattling thump of symphoric torture

You've bled me...

You've fed me...

You've given me over to the gods.

Judge me not,
Lest you find me lacking.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The Passionate Ones"

Artistic expression is the highest form of creative endeavor, for it is through art man reveals his rawest emotions. I don't necessarily consider art to be only visual manifestations. Art is anything that is created through the inspiration of our passion. It is creativity, imagination and emotion. True art requires no "talent", for talents are nothing more than skills that can be taught. Passion breeds inspiration, inspiration sparks the creative mind and this gives birth to creative endeavors. Passion comes from within and cannot be taught. It can only be harnessed to fuel the fires of creation.

Once one begins to tap into the creative consciosness and emotion gives birth to art, then talents may be honed so as to give more power to the works. But one must bear in mind that the more passion the work possesses, the more effect it will have on the lives of those it touches.

So, I say turn all you do into works of art. Fill your life with passion and creativity. Be inspired and in turn become an inspiration to all the world. Plant the seeds that will take root in the race mind and help bring about significant changes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"The Wrath of the Lyrical Dragon"

I'm the first of the last/ Whose lyrics surpass/ Those of the past/ And rip through the back/ As a matter of fact/ It's a must you react/ To a track that attacks/ And blows the mind like acidic tabs/ so close your eyes and enter a rhyme/ A scheme of time/ chopped out in lines/ you'll know you're right/ once you tear out the crimes/ and all the signs point to a lesson called life/ wake from your bed to a shiny new knife/ to cut out your sight/ in the depths of the night/ your vision goes white/ like tundras of ice/ where frozen hearts shatter the years/ millions of pages soak up the tears/ so blame it on heroin, liquor and coke/ blame it on all those hearts that you broke/ but whoever you blame/ just don't make it me/ cause I've always been there helping you be/ a Lyrical Beast/ with a killer instinct/ in the home of the brave and the land of the free/ I plant the seeds of Anarchy Inc./ Welcome the pain of evolution/ rise from the ashes my prodigal son/ let the pen bleed Armageddon/ the wrath of the Dragon born under the gun/ fire rains down to scorch the earth/ my birth was a curse/ but you ain't seen the worst/ eyes open wide, abdomen's burst/ spilling out fluids to stake the thirsts/ of all these lost souls searching for answers/ with a new breed of tumor killing the cancers/ never by chance/ always by fate/ I'm ready to die/ so open Hell's gate...

It's all in my head/ it has to be/ cause if not, then I'm dead/ and they've come for me/ these fallen angels calling/ those devils and demons crawling/ Through me...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Why Prison Is Failing (Part III)"

3. Low success rate of productive reentry: It is well known that prison is often a revolving door, with many convicted felons being released only to commit new crimes. Responsibility must lie with the offender but a measure of blame lies with the corrections department. So much more could be done to motivate , prepare and prevent. The problem is so little is being done. The end result is most guys leave prison in far worse circumstances and mental state than when they came in.

While the institutions claim to be promoting "structure" by enforcing a number of meaningless rules, all they really accomplish is the creation of a society unable to function without the institutional structure. When the institution is gone, these mindless pods return to the only other structure they know, crime. A rule that acquires us to be clean shaven or one requiring beds to be made at 8:00am does nothing to teach discipline or productivity. If these so called "rules of structure" worked to mature or rehabilitate then why are so many inmates former military men? Many of these rules are the same as those enforced by military organizations. If they provided rules that helped create productive citizenry, it would have worked in the first place.

The focus should not be on forcing structure but on teaching or supporting us in the development of our own structural lives, lives that are productive and work towards righteous goals. There are no proper preparations made for release. Another major problem is that while in here it is difficult to establish oneself as a working class citizen. There is no focus on establishing job skills or in allowing one to make use of skills they possess. Everything is handed to us on a platter, we don't have to work for anything. The skilled are not always given the skilled positions. Education is rarely encouraged and is often difficult to obtain. On release we find it difficult to overcome our pasts. As felons, we are often looked down on or feared. Society makes ex-cons into villains, even when we are trying to do the right thing, so many of us revert to old ways.

I will always remember what was said to me nearly 15 years ago upon my first release: "I don't think you will come back for the same thing but you'll do something else..." Thanks for the vote of confidence. It may have come true but that statement is what drove me to the state of mind that I was a criminal, so why should I try to be anything else.

Finally, prison isolates us in such a way that we become cold and dis-associative. We lack the capability to function in social settings. This leads to loneliness and further isolation. Again, many ex-cons fill this emptiness in their lives with "old friends" such as drugs, alcohol and violence.

It is for these reasons so many felons become repeat offenders. Again, I stress that a majority of the blame lies with the individual who commits the crime but some of the re-offenses could be avoided if more effort was put into rehabilitation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"A Song to End the World By"

Purge your wicked ways,
Oh broken One,
For madness has come...
To tear off the guises you wear!
Clearing the shadows that wrap you in poisoned tentacles...

And when all the blood has dried
In only you will I confide,
that everything we've worked for is a song to end the world by...

When it comes crashing down,
I'll be nowhere around;
'Cause a fallen tree all alone,
Doesn't make a sound;
Into the webs we've spun,
the chambers of our guns,
And pretty things,
(yes they die too)
By the twisting of our tongues...
As yesterdays fade away,
And tomorrow comes lined with gray
I'll write for you a song to end the world by...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Why Prison Is Failing (Part II)"

2. Avoidable sentences: Many of the guys I have met in here should not be here at all or should be serving lighter sentences. There are the guys who are first time offenders, who only made a mistake, either out of youthful ignorance or a bad string of events. Take the 18 year-old kid who stole his neighbors car for a joy ride now serving five years for grand theft auto; or the 26 year-old youth pastor who went to a friend's bachelor party, drank a little too much and ran someone over, now serving 24 years for reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter. How about another kid, barely 18, who slept with his 16 year-old girlfriend on prom night and is now serving 12 years for statutory rape. This list could go on and on. I could even include guys like myself who committed serious crimes but did so in impulsive ignorance and fully recognize the seriousness of their crimes. Guys that regret their actions and wish to do all they can to make up for their past....

Admittedly, all of us are guilty of criminal offenses but the severity of the punishments are often excessive and unnecessary. Take the joy-rider for instance; a notably bad prank on his part but just a dumb kid who made a mistake. Community Service would have been sufficient. Hell a night in jail with no charges would have probably been good enough to scare him straight. The youth pastor could have done far more outside of prison walls to make up for his crime. Do I need to even comment on the 18 year-old prom attendee? Maybe some of us believe in waiting till marriage or that they are too young but is prison really necessary when we have all suffered the raging hormones of adolescence...The 16 year-old by the way is now 22, married to the guy who "raped" her and visits him every weekend.

Then you have other guys, like this one friend of mine. He robbed a house and is now serving 20 year sentence. It was his first offense. He was a kid doing something incredibly stupid and yes he committed a crime but like the other guys I have mentioned, the sentence is far too severe. Each one of these guys should have either not received any time or charges or they should have gotten less time. Instead, a mistake or poor judgment has cost them their lives.

These sentences were unnecessary and the cases should have been judged with more logic. In this way, these guys could have avoided the trials of prison and worked towards developing a productive life on the outside. Their mistake not forgotten but also not something they should pay for with the rest of their lives.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Night of the Living Dead - Part 5 (Resident Evil)"

I can't remember who I was
Awakening in a place unfamiliar to my eyes
Memory eroded, my thoughts are unclear
A deathly silence greeting my ears.

Evil seeps through these walls
I hear it screaming inside my skull
A plague unleashed upon the night
The dead have come back to life.

Somewhere, someone still has breath in their lungs
But the living are just as dead as the rest
A dark journey down into the hive
Brutal images scarring my mind.

And she watches as the blood is spilt
Ruler and queen of this kingdom she built.

I can't remember who I am
Awakening in a place unfamiliar to my eyes
A mutated virus infecting me
The reaper's touch, cold and bleak.

The darkness thickens, concealing the damned
Vile creatures with a hunger that burns
A taste for flesh, these decaying demigods
Compelled to kill by the bitch in the machine.

Evil seeps through these walls
I hear it screaming inside my skull
A plague unleashed upon the night
The dead have come back to life.

Night of the Living Dead
The sickness inside my head
Residing without remorse
The darkness at the source.

Evil seeps through these walls
I hear it screaming inside my skull
A plague unleashed upon the night
The dead have come back to life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Why Prison Is Failing (Part I)"

One of the most pressing problems the penal system faces is over population. The fault lies as much with the system itself as it does with the criminals. We are responsible for our own actions and most of us are guilty of crimes deserving time in prison but it is the justice system that is to blame for unnecessarily lengthy stays, avoidable sentences and the law success rate of productive reentry into society. Allow me to explain:

1. Unnecessarily lengthy stays: Sentencing is not based upon the likelihood of re-offense, there is no rehabilitation system for the earning of early release (at least not in Virginia) and most institutions enforce a retinue of rules designed not with the purpose of running an orderly operation but with the intent to antagonize the inmates. This allows them to write institutional charges that cost us money or lengthen our sentences.

Many of us can look around and clearly see who will get out and never cause another problem in society and who will still be a threat. Those striving for betterment in their lives often are serving lengthier sentences. Many of the most corrupt, violent and ignorant individuals are the ones getting released soon. Speaking of which, a prime example just sat down across from me. He is serving his third sentence. The first two were drug related, this last one an attempted car-jacking. Everyday he tries to scam people, looks for drugs and masturbates in a place where female officers working in the building can see him (an act known as 'gunning' in here). Now, I'm sure we can agree that this is a sick individual, unfit for society. A con man, a drug addict and a potential rapist...Guess what? He gets out in less than two years.

Then there are the guys like myself who spend everyday working to better ourselves. Yet, no matter what we accomplish, we will still be here long after the men I just described above.

There are no policies governing how sentences are determined and no real method of evaluating an offender prior to the sentencing. We are subject to the whims of the judges hearing our cases. Judges vary from case to case, so you may find a murderer, a car-jacker and a child molester all serving 50 year sentences, while three others with the exact same charges are only serving 20 years. A rapist serving 5 years, while a drug dealer serves 15 years.

The State has made it abundantly clear it cares nothing for rehabilitation. So, they chuck us into these holding pins for various amounts of time and do nothing to aid us in our quest to mature into productive citizens. In fact, they often work to hinder us in our goal. Educational programs and institutes of higher learning are difficult to enroll in, particularly for any of us in with more than five years left to serve. Pursuit of personal interests are not encouraged. As a writer I have no access to a typewriter and publication requires me to jump through hoops, if I ever get a shot. Rather than encouraging offenders to strive for betterment and aiding us in this pursuit, they offer us no motivation. Now, I agree that this is not an excuse. Those who truly wish to change will be self-motivated but certainly by offering rehabilitative programs that allows one to potentially earn an earlier release date, will find those who are not as self-motivated working towards various goals. Of course, there should still be some form of evaluation to determine who is truly ready for reentry and who is not.

Finally, it should not be a priority for institutions to create numerous policies that are unnecessary or to antagonize inmates who are causing no problems. The institutions primary goal should be to work with the wards of the institution, as to see the operation of the prison run more smoothly and the inmates housed are encouraged in attempts of productivity and ultimately a successful reentry into society.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"A Moment of Heartbreak"

(Two short compositions for a love that never was)

"Beautiful Pain"

My Stains/ They wash away/ Every time I close my eyes/ Enter the rain/ The sweetest thing/ I've ever known/ Comes down all around me/ Sinks into my bones

If I've never said it, I will say it now
I've always loved you, and I always will
As I grow older, my soul will never change
My heart beats softly for you, Beautiful Pain

My eyes/ see into you/ Gently I lay you down/ In clouds of blue/ Reveal the truth/ Look into me/ Drown all my fears/ In ecstasy

And if here, I should remain
I would give my life
To breathe you in again

Your touch/ Makes me complete/ Another year goes by/ In agony/ If I could be/ A part of you/ Would it give to me/ A life renewed.

If I've never said it, I will say it now
I've always loved you, and I always will
As I grow older, my soul will never change
My heart beats softly for you, Beautiful Pain

And if here, I should remain
I would give my life
To breathe you in again
And nothing lasts forever
But with you I'm satisfied.

"Little Daggers"

And she came into my life
Like daggers to the heart
Deadly and beautiful
My sunshine, my rain
My comfort, my pain
Like daggers
My everything.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"To Be or Not To Be"

The eternal question has always been, "What is the meaning of life?" but should the real question not be, "Why do we spend as much time searching for a meaning, and not just living life to its fullest?" We are so caught up in our questions, we miss the answers that exist right in front of us.

But you still want an answer so I'll be clear in giving you one....

The meaning of life is To Be! To exist fully, allowing your individuality to shine forth and leave your mark upon the race mind. By achieving a greatness that will be remembered always, one achieves immortality, living forever in the hearts and minds of mankind.

It is the creative mind; intellectual, spiritual and wise; that becomes ingrained deepest within a society. Those who see beyond the boundaries of reality and into the realms of what could be, that other worldly universe of possibility, are the ones who shape the future.

This is the 'Purpose', the meaning of life, to achieve all you can during your allotted time, to constantly move forward, so that the generation that follows may pick up where you left off and continue moving forward, for the good of all.

I will not preach God here, for views differ, but certainly all can agree that there was an initial Cause, a prime mover. The nature of that force is debatable but certainly there was a beginning. This First Cause bare many effects. Each effect in turn becomes a cause to some other effect and thus the universe exists. This is the fundamental basis of existence, the ongoing cycle of Cause and Effect. We are effects as well, therefore it is within us to becomes Causes. To mimic the Prime Mover is Divine and the most noble of all goals. So become a Cause, affect the world around and create. Creation brings new life into existence, life that will blossom into new causes and allow the cycle of existence to continue.

This is what I mean "To Be". To exist fully one must become a cause and have an effect which will impact others and inspire further growth. Through every one of us the world continues to mature, or begins its decay.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm not afraid of death
I'm only afraid of dying
I'm not afraid of life
I'm just afraid of trying
I'm not afraid to face God when it's all said and done
I'm only afraid that when He looks at me He won't see his son
I'm not afraid of the future
But I'm afraid of the past
For there lie my skeletons waiting to dance
I'm not afraid for my family
But I fear for myself
That I'll forget how to love them
While confined in this cell
Or that they will forget me as the years go by
That my last shred of hope will wither and die
I'm afraid of nothing
Yet I fear everything
But what I fear most
Is the fear that fear brings.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have struggled to understand this life. My studies have led me down many paths in a search for wisdom. After some time I came to a foundation, four core concepts I felt could explain who I am and what I believe in. Call it my war cry for a New Nation of Intellectual, free-thinkers bent on striving for something higher. They have led me to a state of becoming, that has led me to Divine purpose and laid a path to the perfection of the soul.

Refuse, Resist, Rise Above, Regret Nothing!

1. Refuse to Conform: Conformity leads one to a loss of individuality. It is the individual that makes the greatest contributions to a society. The free-thinkers, and fiery souls that ignite the passions of those they touch. So think for yourselves, be opinionated and never compromise what you hold dear.

2. Resist Oppression: Oppression leads to repression and soon one forgets the things he once held to be true. The oppressed man stands for nothing and loses their identity. Their masters think for them. Be your own master and rule your life.

3. Rise Above All Expectations: Continuously strive to better yourself in all things. Let no man cast a 'label' upon you. Be better than what anyone thinks you capable of and then reach for even higher goals.

4. Regret Nothing: Everything in life serves a purpose. Learn from your mistakes, don't regret them, for they have taught you a great lesson. In all things strive to do what is right, so you will have no cause to 'regret'. Be remorseful when you do do wrong but never regret the action - learn from it and move on with your life, continuing to Rise Above...

*** NOTE: Dan has sent numerous entries so I am going to start posting them twice a week at his request. Poetry/songs will be posted on Tuesdays and essays will be posted on Thursdays. Keep reading! Thanks for all of your support!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"My Brother....My Friend"

I am Dan's sister. I had originally intended to post my brother's blogs every Thursday and since I am new to this, I mistakenly posted a new one this past Monday. So, I decided to fill the void today by taking a moment to shed some light on who Dan really is.

As you know, he is currently incarcerated in a Correctional Center in Virginia. He is a prisoner and although he has brought it upon himself he is not really this person who sits behind bars in his dismal cell. I know him to be kind, funny, considerate, artistic and above all, my friend.

I never had many friends while I was growing up. My family and I traveled with a theatre production company and I was around adults the majority of my childhood. While my brother was quite a bit older than I, he was my best friend. He and I would put on shows, play with little army men but mostly we would just go exploring. I adored my brother and always wanted to be like him.

Now that I am older and our situation is as such, I still want to be like him. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to end up behind bars. I do, however, want to be who he really is; a writer, a lyricist, a creator, a musician, an artist, a conversationalist. He is so much more than a convict. He's my friend.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Into the Dark"

Driving in like nitroglycerine knives,
Piercing and explosive;
My words disected to find reason...
But in me lives only contradiction,
My desire is for the good! But...
Why do I try?
Evil is so easy to master;
A seductive mistress;
A simple way to build my own confidence
By tearing the next man down...

If I held the world in the palm of my hand,
I fear I would crush it,
Simply to rid myself of the burden.
The humble man is trounced upon,
So the Arrogant Man may be feared...

I go into the dark
and think,
Why do I try?
Because if I don't,
then who will.
And so I suffer the pain,
of love;
of life...
And try to escape myself.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Acts of stupidity are not uncommon in prison, as you can well imagine, but we are not alone. Stupidity is everywhere. Foolish people are breeding foolish actions at an alarmingly increasing rate. The further we advance technologically, the less capable our world seems to be at making wise decisions and thinking for ourselves. Quick reference of fact is replacing man's capacity for logical thought. It has become a world of people who can navigate the Internet as easily as we once changed channels on the television and yet many have trouble comprehending basic math and spelling. It is disheartening to think that this media-entranced, zombified world is the one my nieces and nephews will grow up in.

The true root of all evil is ignorance, for it is in a state of ignorance that all wrongs are committed. This does not excuse the evil act, for in most cases the guilty is fully aware of the crime he commits and that it is wrong. It is in his ignorance that he finds justification for his action or overlooks the depths of the consequences.

Even so, how do we hold the ignorant man accountable? By recognizing that each of us, with the capacity to think, had the opportunities to seek out knowledge and wisdom and by wisdom we had the ability to be logical and make the right decision.

Education can lead to freedom of the people and act as a light to burn away the darkness of ignorance and evil. The wise man will seek righteousness, for it would be stupid to do otherwise.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have often been questioned about my life in prison. People wonder if it's like they have seen in movies and television. They imagine it to be some violent world filled with rape, extortion, robbery and assault. While these things do occur, my experience has shown that in most cases the victim of the crime was as much to blame as the one who committed the act. This is not always true but more so than in the 'free world'. What I mean by this is that the victim has in some way violated the unwritten codes of prison life. I don't necessarily agree with these retributive actions, but I agree that these codes should be followed. It is a wise path that leads one to survive the hardships of prison life. Yes, prison is hard, even if it's not as difficult as often portrayed. The fact is that the prison officials cause more trouble and give rise to more problems than the inmates ever do. We only want to live our lives and make some attempt at establishing ourselves in productive manners. At least most of us do.

So what are the prison codes?

  1. Mind your own business: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If it doesn't involve you, don't worry about it.

  2. Keep your mouth shut: If it's not about you personally, you don't know anything.

  3. Pay back whatever you owe: There is nothing wrong with getting in debt but make sure you can pay.

  4. Watch the company you keep: If you don't wish to be labeled as a homosexual, don't regularly associate with homosexuals.

  5. Do not allow yourself to be exploited or taken advantage of: Establish yourself as a respectable person that can be respected.

  6. Be friendly and sociable: You don't have to be friends with everyone but you don't need to carry an arrogant attitude either.

  7. Settle in and keep yourself busy: Write, draw, read, do whatever you can to stay active with 'legal' activities.

It is by following these rules that I have survived 12 years without many worries, at least stemming from my fellow convicts.

Direct correspondences can be made to me at:

Daniel Jackson #1182398

Powhatan Correctional Center

State Farm, VA 23160

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself..."

...But I find it somewhat difficult to simplify who I am and what I stand for in a few simple paragraphs. I am an amalgamation of styles and tastes, a renaissance man for a new nation. I am all things, and yet I am nothing. My name is Daniel Jackson, but even that is a label that barely fits, for within me lies many personalities, clashing one with another. I am a walking contradiction.

I am Daniel Jackson, but I am also The Jack Dee Conspiracy. Man, Beast, Machine...The Eternal, the Fearsome and the Infernal...this makes little sense to you, dear reader, at this point. I'll try to explain...I call it, "The Saga of the Concrete Jungle", my war within. It is my ongoing battle with my dark sides and the inspirational fires of much that I write. While they are individual personalities, separate and distinct, they are all a part of me, the Conspiracy within.

Ah, but how mad I must sound. I assure you that I am not, or perhaps I am, just not in the way many of you are thinking...

I am a criminal, or I was anyway. Now I am a convict currently incarcerated in the Virginia Department of Corrections, where I have spent the past 12 years , so you will excuse me if my blog is ever dated. My Internet knowledge is limited to the late 1990's, as are my cultural experiences. It is not I posting my words, but my sister who lends her fingers and time to this and future ramblings I spill upon paper. Perhaps cyberspace returning to me a voice taken by the state.

Be assured that in that statement I am not trying to shuck the burden of blame from my shoulders for past actions. In no way did the state that denies me freedom, cause me to lose that freedom. I accept full responsibility for my own actions and realize the gravity of what I have done. If any faults lie with the Virginia Penal System, they lie in its daily operations, not in the circumstances that brought me here, but that is something for another time.

I will close this out by thanking my sisters for encouraging me to write this blog and for the help they are providing. Truly I was in need of a way to speak to the world. There are millions of images filling my head. Words drip from my every pore, prophecies running like hot candle wax. My mind echoes the sounds of either the most beautiful or the most frightening music I have ever heard. The imaginary takes on a life of its own and bleeds into my realities...

Again, I make myself out to be a madman and again I say that perhaps I am. The soul of the artist is rooted in psychosis and watered by insanity. It's a mad world. People are crazy. We all have our quirks, some of us just learn to bend that madness to our will and in doing so, become artists.

So here I am. An artist. A madman. A convict. A poet. A prophet...Ready to bear my soul to the spiders out there surfing or searching for a little water.

Due to my circumstances, my postings and responses to questions or comments will take a little longer than normal, as all must go through my sister for web material. Direct correspondences can be made to me at:

Daniel Jackson #1182398
Powhatan Correctional Center
State Farm, VA 23160