Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Philosophically speaking,
I'm analytically thinking,
That politics is creeping,
Into my religion...

And with a poisoned blend,
I dose my way to the end,
Where all my worldly sins,
Are left unforgiven...

And if I look back to the past,
To see only fools,
How could I be wise,
Or know all the rules?

So, spiritually screaming,
I unleash my inner Demon,
That tiny voice of reason,
In a world of ignorance...


  1. A very nice poem, Daniel. It says a lot.

  2. Hey, I liked that!
    I'll bet it could be expanded, however. I believe there's more to explore in this piece.

    I think that's the best poetry thus far posted on 'The Saga Of The Concrete Jungle'.

    ~ D-FensDogg

  3. I like the rhythm of this. This poem expresses some interesting ideas. Like Stephen suggested, it maybe could be expanded to include more. Good job.

    Tossing It Out