Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"A Song to End the World By"

Purge your wicked ways,
Oh broken One,
For madness has come...
To tear off the guises you wear!
Clearing the shadows that wrap you in poisoned tentacles...

And when all the blood has dried
In only you will I confide,
that everything we've worked for is a song to end the world by...

When it comes crashing down,
I'll be nowhere around;
'Cause a fallen tree all alone,
Doesn't make a sound;
Into the webs we've spun,
the chambers of our guns,
And pretty things,
(yes they die too)
By the twisting of our tongues...
As yesterdays fade away,
And tomorrow comes lined with gray
I'll write for you a song to end the world by...


  1. This is well-written poetry, but very dark sounding. Who is the "you" to whom you refer in the poem?

    Tossing It Out


    ...The 'You' I refer to?

    I suppose it is meant for society in general. I see the world doing more to destroy itself, than it is to working towards a brighter future. We are killing ourselves through ignorance.

    But that does not mean all is lost. Beauty exists in the world and there is so much we could still accomplish if we are willing to work towards something greater.