Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The Book of W.A.R. (When Anarchy Reigns)"

Imperfect palpatations pump pain in my veins/ venomous, vindictive adn violently insane/ A new breed of terror bubbling beneath/ Brilliantly psychotic, symphonic Anarchy/ Another architect for the agression in man/ Menacing, maniacal, Armeggedon I am/ Ripped from the headlines, evolution extract/ Mainstream media make way for my mental impact/ Crashing down like a comet from the heavens above/ Say your prayers, sinners, revolution has come/ Beneath the shadow of a Dragon with a lyrical bite/ Injecting my infection, granting spiritual sight.

Wide eyes...
Wide awake...
Forever more,
This is War!

Resurrect the brutal nation that brought us elevation/ A brand new infestation of rebellious inclination/ an heir to the throne, whom you've thrown before the swine/ Thus I bend all existence by the will of my mind/ Burn from the retinas institutional symbolism/ Single-minded suckers stuck in their schisms/ When injustice becomes law, rebellion is duty/ But we're quick to pull out guns and slow to start shooting/ And when bullets start flying, watch the sheep scatter/ The pride of a nation left hanging in tatters/ Remnants of our past becoming faded history/ Warped by politics and shaded memory.

Wide eyes...
Wide Awake...
Forever more
This is W.A.R.!

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  1. This is a powerful use of language. The rhythm, alliteration, and imagery work very well. I could hear the song in my head--not my favorite kind of music, but it really had a lot of energy. These lyrics have a lot of potential.


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