Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Responsible Citizenship"

So much time is spent searching for excuses or placing blame, that few in prison ever find responsibility. This is what leads so many to a continuous cyle of crime. The do not believe themselves to be living an "unrighteous" lifestyle, therefore they make no effort to change. This lack of motivation leads to a revolving door system.

Prisoners are not alone in the irresponsible living, in fact most of the world is currently in a state of "blame first". Everyone is searching for the easy way out and rather than accepting their own ignorance, they point out the ignorance in another. We blame childhood, rate, the "system" and anything else we can find for the problems in our lives and yet, as much as we divert the blame or burden, we still find no satisfaction.

The reason so many of us are consumed with blame is that we don't like being wrong, but until we accept our wrong doings, we cannot move forward in our lives. We will be stuck in the past mistakes, consumed by our own emotional turmoil.

I once found myself caught in this state of blame and occassionally find myself slipping back into old habits. I don't like being wrong either but if I am ever going to move forward I must accept when I do wrong or when I allow for negative circumstances.

If I do drugs or ingest alcohol I cannot blame the substance for actions I commit while under the influence. I knew the possibilities but I made the choice to take in the substance anyway. I can only blame myself.

I may not always control outside influences but I do control how I allow them to affect me and how I respond...

I watch the news a lot in here and I often see the state of affairs. Many of the criminals blame the system or their pasts. I see people suing one another, corporations and various institutions for the stupidest reasons. Why sue a restaurant if you spill coffee on yourself? Just be more careful next time, moron!

We have the power to choose...We are responsible for our own lives. Even if a law prevents us from doing something, we shoose to follow it or oppose it. If you feel a law is wrong, strive to change it. Advocate what you feel is right or accept that if you oppose the "standard" you can blame noone but yourself for the outcome.

Until we can all learn to accept responsibility for our own actions and become mature enough to work towards productive lifestyles, civilization will continue to push towards a disaster. It is the current finger pointing, irresponsibility that continues to give rise to war and ignorance in our world.


  1. i can go along with what you're saying here for the most part, Daniel. and i agree with you about accepting the responsibilty of our own actions. on the other hand there some of us whose lives have been shaped by the actions of some of those are are irresponsible.

  2. You got that right! So many apologize, but they are only sorry they got caught.

  3. I enjoyed this post, And I agree with you.