Thursday, June 17, 2010

"My Brother....My Friend"

I am Dan's sister. I had originally intended to post my brother's blogs every Thursday and since I am new to this, I mistakenly posted a new one this past Monday. So, I decided to fill the void today by taking a moment to shed some light on who Dan really is.

As you know, he is currently incarcerated in a Correctional Center in Virginia. He is a prisoner and although he has brought it upon himself he is not really this person who sits behind bars in his dismal cell. I know him to be kind, funny, considerate, artistic and above all, my friend.

I never had many friends while I was growing up. My family and I traveled with a theatre production company and I was around adults the majority of my childhood. While my brother was quite a bit older than I, he was my best friend. He and I would put on shows, play with little army men but mostly we would just go exploring. I adored my brother and always wanted to be like him.

Now that I am older and our situation is as such, I still want to be like him. Don't get me wrong, I do not want to end up behind bars. I do, however, want to be who he really is; a writer, a lyricist, a creator, a musician, an artist, a conversationalist. He is so much more than a convict. He's my friend.


  1. That's wonderful you still support and believe in him.

  2. Great post! Shows respect, love, affection, and even admiration.

  3. Don't know if you go through past blogs for comments...I left one on "Survival."

    Might not hurt for Daniel(you) to follow our blogs as well(or not)...makes it easy to skip over here by just clicking on your avatar.

    In either case...looking forward to future posts on "thesagaoftheconcretejungle."

  4. I agree, support changes people, gives us all hope!

  5. This is a very nicely written post. Dan is fortunate to have his sisters who care for him.

    Tossing It Out

  6. i envy Dan to have a sister like you.

  7. I can so relate and will support your brother and this blog. My brother is also incarcerated and I use My Blog often to post his writings, his documentation of his amazing spiritual journey. He calls them "Letters From Jail and the Missions Field" - I have a whole page dedicated to his posts. Anyway, good for you, best to you and your brother, and I will be back.

    Marvin D Wilson

  8. Thanks so much for all of your comments! I just forwarded comments from Dan's previous posts to him the other day and I will send these soon as well.

    He just sent a new batch of posts today so make sure to keep reading!

    Thanks Again!

  9. I've never been in jail or prison, but if I were I would want friends on the outside who support me and remain a friend. Props to you!

    Stephen Tremp

  10. I do not believe in black and white. I believe that there are a whole bunch of shades of gray in between. Nothing is ever as it seems. Instead, they are what they are, whether you know it or not. So, there is no good or bad in this world. You can be mostly good or mostly bad, but you are always mixed. Never one thing or another. Just a shade of gray. Just because you have done something wrong, doesn't mean that all you do is wrong. You shouldn't be judged on one mistake. Because everybody makes mistakes. It's what makes us human.
    And it's always nice to know that people still believe in you.

  11. My brother, is wonderfully creative as well. He was also in prison.

    I think it is just lovely that you take the time to help your brother with his creative endevours. Keep it up.

  12. Thank you for the comments Marjorie, Stephen and Wolfie. I completely agree with you Wolfie and I'll be sure to pass the comments along to Dan.

  13. I love that you're helping him do this. I think the isolation of prison, when you are trying to do something positive but can't REACH people would be so had.

    I plan to read and have followed. I have a suggestion that may help Dan get a feel for what is 'out there' if he can get multipage correspondences: maybe go to blogs of people who follow and comment on his pieces and copy a blog or two from each of THEM, so as we get to know HIM, he also gets to know US. There is huge variability, and I'm sure there are limits to how widely this can be done, but blogging has given me some true deep connections with some other writers, and I think that is because of the interaction--I don't think comments received a week later are bad at all--people will know why--the two way street will still be being traversed.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. Best of luck to you both.


    The support my sister has shown is a great motivational force for me but she is not alone. Most of my family has been very supportive of me. The years have been made so much easier simply having my family there for me. Not only has it helped motiviate me in my writing, it has also helped motivate me in life. It is largely due to their support that I strive to better myself in all aspects of life.

    Please don't misunderstand, I don't work to be a better man because of them, I do it because it is what I must do. My purpose in life can only be achieved by being the best I can possibly be and continuing to reach even higher. It has been their support that has helped me and encouraged me in my goals. The words my sister wrote in this post touched me deeply and revealed just how much of an impact I have had on at least one person. If nothing else, it inspires me to continue pushing forward.

    Indeed, my past has been one filled with shortcomings but to know I have had some impact and done some good motivates me to continue doing all I can to inspire, entertain and encourage.

    Direct correspondences can be made to me at:

    Daniel Jackson #1182398
    Powhatan Correctional Center
    State Farm, VA 23160