Friday, December 3, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 7)"

"A Flock Without A Shepard"

Sometimes we stray,
lost, lonely and broken
We need leaders,
Not overseers
Give us a hero to inspire the soul
Burden us no more...

Reckless and wild
Scattered in valleys
We need guidance
Not your violence...

No more killing in the pastures
No more blood in the fields
Remove the guns
From the hands of our future,
Give us reason to feel!

Sometimes we stray,
The passion fades away.
We need shepards
Not soldiers
Give us hope, something to believe in!
Beat us no more...
Bleed us no more...


  1. hi Daniel,

    ...just wanted to say thank you for responding to our comments. went back this to the beginning of your blog and was reading forard. noted that you do in fact respond to the comments. also understand because of this situation why you're comments are a month behind. anyways, i'm hoping that other readers here will see this and go back to read your own response to our comments. again, thank you.


  2. A hopeful sentiment rings in this entry.

    Tossing It Out