Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have struggled to understand this life. My studies have led me down many paths in a search for wisdom. After some time I came to a foundation, four core concepts I felt could explain who I am and what I believe in. Call it my war cry for a New Nation of Intellectual, free-thinkers bent on striving for something higher. They have led me to a state of becoming, that has led me to Divine purpose and laid a path to the perfection of the soul.

Refuse, Resist, Rise Above, Regret Nothing!

1. Refuse to Conform: Conformity leads one to a loss of individuality. It is the individual that makes the greatest contributions to a society. The free-thinkers, and fiery souls that ignite the passions of those they touch. So think for yourselves, be opinionated and never compromise what you hold dear.

2. Resist Oppression: Oppression leads to repression and soon one forgets the things he once held to be true. The oppressed man stands for nothing and loses their identity. Their masters think for them. Be your own master and rule your life.

3. Rise Above All Expectations: Continuously strive to better yourself in all things. Let no man cast a 'label' upon you. Be better than what anyone thinks you capable of and then reach for even higher goals.

4. Regret Nothing: Everything in life serves a purpose. Learn from your mistakes, don't regret them, for they have taught you a great lesson. In all things strive to do what is right, so you will have no cause to 'regret'. Be remorseful when you do do wrong but never regret the action - learn from it and move on with your life, continuing to Rise Above...

*** NOTE: Dan has sent numerous entries so I am going to start posting them twice a week at his request. Poetry/songs will be posted on Tuesdays and essays will be posted on Thursdays. Keep reading! Thanks for all of your support!


  1. Keep the posts coming. I am really enjoying reading lines like these, "Be better than what anyone thinks you capable of". Thank you for sharing, Daniel, and thanks to your sister for typing.

  2. Some people allow their regret to become a burden and live with their past like clothes they put on everyday. You can't change the past, so it's better to use what you learn to shape the future and help others from making the mistakes you've made.
    This post offers some good suggestions for living.

    Tossing It Out

  3. These are wonderful tips for all of us navigating the life's twists and turns. I too believe that everything serves a purpose, although it's not easily recognizable to us on the front end. I was once one who would stew in regret too long. But, these days I'm quicker to repent and move forward.

  4. ...very nice read! they say experience is the best teacher and i believe that. although there were some i could have done without! yet, it shaped my character. but God is changing that:) it's a constant...

  5. Daniel, I am curious, as a pastor and theologian I have a particular "bent" and "bias" when I come across statements like, "My studies have led me down many paths in a search for wisdom."

    I wonder have you considered "The Path" toward wisdom - Proverbs 3:7 & Prov 9:10? If you are interested would love to have some no-pressure, no judgmental, no condemnation dialouge on this subject.

  6. It's interesting how one can find out so much about life and the human nature when they think long enough. I choose to observe the human nature. I look at habits, at customs, at things and behaviors that are considered "acceptable".
    You chose to think about ways to live life. You found what makes humans less than what they could be.
    I do that too. But I never thought to find a lifestyle to help that. I am a person of thinking, of wondering, of observing. Of not doing anything or trying to do anything. I acknowledge that things should be different. Yet, I never bother to figure out how to MAKE it different. Your "4 R's" (As I call them now) are useful. I will remember them.
    I'm sorry if I don't make sense sometimes.


    It is encouraging to know that my words can have any type of impact on others. I only hope that something great can be taken away by the reader each time I post something.

    Mesmerix: thank you for reading. I'm glad you have enjoyed my writings to this point. Be assured that as long as I have an ear to listen I will continue to share. I too must thank my sister and I'm sure she appreciates that others are able to get something out of the work that she puts in.

    Wanda & Bud Ezekiel: May life continue to serve purpose and grant experiences that change you for the better. Continue growing and...Becoming something better. It is a constant in our lives to experience life. We have no control over mch of what occurs. All we can do is keep pushing forward. No matter what occurs in life, I am always directed to a quote from Goethe's Faust "Zum Hochsten Dasein Immerfast Zu Straben" (To strive for the higher life with all of my power.) If I don't keep on striving I can never achieve, if I don't push forward I will never get anywhere, if I "stew in regret" I will be stuck in the past and the future will be just as bleak.

    Gregg: All men search for answers. We begin asking "why" alsmost as soon as we can speak. We all travel many paths till finding our right path. I have considered "the path" and believe that Truth is found within the Bible but is it the complete truth? It is here I often disagree. I feel mus is missing or not "accepted" as doctrine and here I often divide from Christian functions for I feel there are always hidden realities that must be sought out. Many of the things that separate us into religions are trivial and matter not. I feel that all spiritual paths teach the same ideals and seek to only draw us nearer to the Cause of all things. If we focused on the good religion teaches, instead of focusing on how it makes us different or makes us "right" and everyone else "wrong" we could rid ourselves of one of the greatest downfalls of man. And so I seek to put the great puzzle of life together. Sometimes I find pieces where I least expect them. God is my ultimate goal, not the approval of a group of people who say they know the Truth.

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