Thursday, September 16, 2010

"The Building of a Temple"

From the moment of our conception we begin constructing our legacy in life. We can picture it as the building of a temple, for we are sacred creations. Within us is the Divine just as we are with the Divine. It is our duty to build on a sturdy foundation and insure we do proper maintenance.

But we must be vigilant, for there is much in this life that can lead us astray. There are even those out there who seek to destroy the "temples" we are building but if our foundation is strong and we continue to build upon it, the towers will ascend to the heights. Construct a mighty fortress of wisdom and righteousness, then throw open the doors, so that those who seek truth may discover within...Blessed are the teachers for they give hope and guidance to a brighter future.

But give light only to those who tire of darkness, for many wish to believe in shadows rather than the realities that cast them and many create their own realities without regard to truth or consequences. Their minds are not receptive to wisdom and their response will be anger rather than acceptance. Though their foundations are weak and easily crumble, they choose to try tearing down anothers temple rather than rebuild their own.

Fools believe themselves to be wise, to possess truth. The wise man knows he is still a fool, for the wise man knows he is far from perfect and still lacks knowledge. The wise man never forgets he is incomplete and unless he can know ALL things, he understands that he can never be sure of anything. The fool accepts and looks no further, while the wise man continues to strive for the highest possible realms and then beyond. The wise man examines fully anything he discovers in order to fully comprehend. The fool sees only the surface, while the wise man digs to the depths to insure a sturdy foundation supports the premise.

It is our duty to continue building upon our own foundations and to insure the building blocks are sturdy enough to stand the tests of time. Be a shining example of structural integrity and when others look upon you, let them find no flaw.


  1. This is a vividly poetic essay on the same precepts one finds in the words of Jesus Christ and in other places in the Bible. It is good advice that would be good for everyone to follow.

    Tossing It Out