Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 5)"

(Note: This lyrical entry is a personal favorite. I hope it moves you in reading as much as it moved me as I was writing it.)

"Cast From the Fields"


cast from the fields/ Reckless rulers/ Burn their bodies/ Over dying embers/ In the hollows...

Cast from the fields/ Our brutal masters/ Turn their fascists castles/ Into ashes/ Yeah, into ashes...

Throw your gauntlets down/ My troubled brethren/ Let your growls be heard/ And your claws be felt/ Let your bite sting them/ Let your teeth sink in/ Now they run/ Oh, how they run...

Cast from the fields/ With bloody warnings/ No more beatings/ No more killing/ In the hollows

Cast from the fields/ Cruel deceivers/ Crush their spirits/ Beneath our hooves/ Into the dust

Throw your gauntlets down/ My angry children/ Let your howls be heard/ And your vengeance felt/ Let your bite sting them/ Let your teeth sink in/ Now they run/ Oh, how they run

Cast from the fields/ A new dawn rising/ Let the yokes be broken/ As the barn is burning...

Throw your gauntlets down/ Lovely rebellion/ Let you growls be heard/ Reclaim your places/ Take your fields back/ Yeah, take your fields back...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

"War Cry"

I hope you're listening out there...sometimes I'm not sure. The past several months I have poured out a number of ideas, thoughts and general views, all in an effort to establish some sort of connection. Ideally, I would have offered enough to keep you intrigued and give you an understanding of who I am. At least then, if I really had something to say, people would be paying attention. Hopefully I have succeeded.

Of course, the journey has taken many twists and turns. For those who have continued to follow me, I thank you. Patience will pay off. I have to "introduce" myself. To open my mind and offer the things that were contained within the world. Much of it was written years ago and I felt a need to clear out the old, laying a foundation for posts to come.

I believe it has been fairly obvious that I am disgruntled, not with life in general but with the direction we are headed. See, I think Utopia is obtainable, we are the greatest obstacle to achieving such a society. Man is a violent, greedy, lazy beast and nothing will change until we learn to overcome our iniquities. We have the choice to unite and ascend or to self-destruct.

The question is no longer how to achieve such a state but when we will really begin working toward it. Peace is easy. The answers are out there and only our own mentalities hold us back.

I'm tired of our fighting over a piece of land when there is enough for everyone. Property should not be an issue. No more borders, no more walls, no more nations.

I'm tired of the arguing about who really knows God and the animosity held against those who disagree. That relationship is personal. Just as in a family with multiple children, each child developing an individual relationship with the father or other, so too do we each develop an individual relationship with the divine. We do not try to force our brothers and sisters to feel exactly the same about our parents as we do.

I'm sick of suffering through money problems when if everyone worked together, everyone could live comfortably. Why must we horde and squander what we don't ever need, even for comfort.

I don't want to hear anymore excuses...

The time has come for a new nation to rise from the ashes of a world on fire. It is time to put our foot down upon the necks of the tyrants, cast down oppressors and greedy, selfish politicians. It is time for heroes to stand up and the world to once again push forward, rather than being content with the way things are.

We must always remember to stand for what is true and what is righteous. Never compromise ideals, not those you have for yourself nor those you expect to hold for society. Let's begin building a brighter future.

Fight for what you believe in.

Refuse, Resist, Rise Above, Regret Nothing!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"The Burden"

I am fairly certain that most believe prison is a harsh, violent place, filled with those unfit to live successfully in society. While a portion of those in here fit that description, many of us were young, foolish and impulsive when we committed our crimes. It took a lesson of great magnitude to wake us up to the reality of life. Some would say too little, too late. Now our lives are to be wasted as the lawmakers have determined it serves them to dispose of us like garbage or use us for their own greedy ends.

Currently, my position is one that leaves me a burden on my family and on the state. I have no means by which to relieve this, as the institutional policies prevent me from doing anything to elevate my circumstances. Not that I should profit or get rich but I wish to be able to support myself like any responsible adult.

This is not my greatest concern though. What troubles me the most is my past. Looking back I can see the consequences of my actions, not on myself but on others. I am beginning to understand empathy and truly reflect on the pain that I have caused others throughout my years of ignorance. My remorse is not for myself but for everyone else. For my brother, who used to adore and idolize his older brother, who is now bitter and angry...My brother, who is heartbroken and headed down a bad road. Not that he was ever the "target" of my actions but only now am I realizing how much greater the impact of my past. My remorse is for my Mom, who sheds so many tears and often blames herself for me going wrong...Though it was never her fault. My remorse is for all those who have experienced loss because of me or were in any way burdened by my own stupidity.

If an apology could fix anything then let the mending begin. For I truly am sorry but an apology can't take away the past. Honestly, I don't know if it is worth anything in the grand scheme of life. I suppose those affected by my mistakes have to accept that apology but it still doesn't change anything that has occurred.

I now take a moment to ask, on behalf of the ones who wish to atone, what can we do? Personally, I wish to do all I can to contribute to society, to give back all I can. I'm just not sure where to begin. I suppose the inspiration I can offer through this blog is a start but I feel I could do so much more. The problem is American prison systems are just warehousing us, not giving us the chance to contribute, to atone.

Grant me and others like me the opportunity to do something worthwhile. Enough of my life has been wasted.

Now, it may sound as though I am begging for clemency. While I desire freedom, I realize and accept what I have done and why I am in prison. Someday I will get out and I will continue working towards a productive life. All I am saying, on behalf of myself and my fellow "repentants", is that this time should be just as productive. Save the "warehouses" for those who don't care about making something better out of their lives.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 4)"

"The Day the Cows Became the Butchers"

Don't you,
Don't you speak...
If they hear
They'll come for you,
Knives out,
Guns Drawn,
Cold hearts beating through

It was a day like any other day,
Till they came in from the fields.
Dressed in white smocks,
And sacrificial grins,
To turn tables on the hated.
It was all a simple plan
To overthrow a beast called man,
On the day the cows became the butchers.

Run away,
Run for your lives...
The meats
Now possess the means,
To break chains,
And rise up
Against those who bare teeth.

In the depths of night they crept from pastures,
To feast upon the flesh of their masters.
With paper hats,
And plastic gloves,
To keep blood from their hooves.
It was all a simple plan
To overthrow a beast called man,
On the day the cows became the butchers.

An no one will hear our screams
Beneath the sounds of baying hounds
And the squealing pigs
As they slay us all
With tools once used on them
On the day the cows became the butchers.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

"To My Readers"

My sister has noted my appreciation for the comments made to posts and she has stressed how much I enjoy having an outlet but I wanted to take a moment to speak for myself. I was intrigued by the idea of this blog, as I spend a lot of time writing and yet I had no one to share my thoughts with. There is so much I have to say but as I wrote once "a fallen tree, all alone, doesn't make a sound". I didn't want that. I want to make a sound. When I "fall" or when I rise, I want the forest to shake with the impact.

Many thanks to those who have "tuned in" each week to read my posts. I can't promise to always inspire or to always entertain but I try. As long as my sister continues to help me in this endeavor, I will continue to contribute my thoughts, ideas and passion. Even if I am left with only one reader, I will offer something.

Be assured that if I do not respond immediately to every posted comment, I am reading them. My sister sends printouts every few weeks. I enjoy the feedback and I am often inspired by what is shared with me. I hope to continue hearing from my followers and encourage more comments.

While the growth of my blog seems to have slowed considerably, I am not disheartened. I realize this forum is much more interactive than I can be. Who knows what the future may hold and I hope more followers will sign on in the coming months. For my past mistakes the State of Virginia has thrown me away but I do not wish to see my life or my time wasted. Whatever I can do to contribute to society's growth, through my talents, the sharing of my experiences, my ideas, or otherwise, I will do. I can't change what I have done, I can only make a difference through the things I will do.

Again, I say, I am as much inspired and provoked to thought by your comments as I hope you are by my posts. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for that.

What more can I say but that my hopes are each of you will continue to follow my posts and that more will come along for the ride. Where this journey may take us, I do not know, but I am sure it will be epic. Together we can spark a new "age of enlightenment".

The Saga continues...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 3)"

"Unecessary Roughness"

Take the whip...
Take the whip to them all,
So they'll learn

Grind the hoof...
Grind the hoof to glue,
So they'll burn

And when you beat the horse
Make damn sure it's good and dead

Drive the boot...
Drive the boot into them all,
So they'll break

Drag them down...
Drag them down to the ground,
Till they hate

Don't let them get up
We sure as hell can't afford that

'Cause when you rule the fields
You gotta rule with an iron hand

And when you beat the horse
Make damn sure it's good and dead.