Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Life Eternal"

True death comes when one loses passion, curiosity, desire, inspiration, will, hope and open mindedness for the spirit will live on if it possesses these virtues. Immortality is a possibility for all.

Let emotion fill you, for he who feels love, joy, hate, sorrow and fear is truly alive and has the ability to experience all things as they are meant to be. The passionate man sees to the depths of reality. Without passion, the spirit is dead and the body soon follows.

Those who continue to grow and expand their views, in order to encompass all understanding, gain access to the heights and open the doors to all possibility. It is the one who keeps seeking, that continues to find...But the mind that is without curiosity has ceased to function and begun to decay.

Open your mind to longing, for he who continues to want will continuously strive to obtain. Without desire there is no purpose and without purpose there is no more reason to live.

Seek out stimulation, for he who keeps himself active will have great impact and will cause many things to come into existence. When you no longer allow yourself to be inspired, the worms begin to eat away at you until nothing is left.

Be durable and impossible to break, stubborn in your convictions, for the one who stands firm and holds true will find all chains fall away and all doors become open before him. But without a strong will, oppression is your only fate and no light shall penetrate the darkness that is your destiny.

Always have faith that the good things will come, for the one who understands that bad times serve their purpose and will eventually pass, will never become discouraged and will manifest his own destiny. Without hope, there is only emptiness and eternal suffering.

Believe in nothing and believe in everything, for he who continues to excavate the architecture of the universe will uncover the gems hidden within. Love all things and hate all things as well, for he who can see the flaws in friends and admire the strengths in foes, knows there is purpose and that change is necessary. Without an open mind, blindness descends upon the spirit and death is immanent.

The mind is a weapon, let no one fine you unarmed. Those that are always prepared can never be taken by surprise. Those that have honed their weapons on the whetstone of life's virtues will continue to survive and mature.

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  1. For sure the mind is the battleground. Great job.

  2. You have said many true and wise things here, but I might caution not to be too self-reliant either. I would say believe in the one true God and love him with all your heart. That should be the ultimate ideal, and then the other human qualities can flow from that.

    Those who are always prepared can never be taken by surprise. -- These are good words to live by.

    Tossing It Out