Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Live and Let Live"

The most dangerous sins to mankind are labeling and censorship. Labels create boxes and these boxes cause narrow viewpoints. These narrow minded views lead to racism, religious disputes and xenophobic attitudes. One must be able to keep an open-mind and have the vision to see beyond the limits of all possibility. In so doing, one may continue to evolve and achieve purpose.

When we begin down the path of censorship we begin to search for obscenity. But what is obscene to some, may not be so for others. Can any man judge my emotions or tastes? None but I can see what lies within me and the Divine Mind knows the path that leads to righteousness and truth is different for all. It is our duty to seek our own path and to express our emotions, while harming none and working to better the world we live in.

Take care, for when one begins to look for obscenity, one soon begins to find obscenity in all things. And where do witch hunts always end? With innocents strapped to execution pyres!

You must live your own life, not the lives of others. If something is found to be offensive to your tastes, or it is not enjoyable for you, then just ignore it. The only true obscenity, which cannot be ignored, is the forcing of ideals or beliefs upon another, or hindering another from the expression of their own ideals or beliefs. If one does not wish to see, hear, taste, smell or touch, then that person should be free to make that choice. But in now way should the person who is presenting the material, which may be found "offensive" to some, be restricted in the right to express. Nor should anyone who wishes to partake in the supposedly "offensive" material be restricted in that right.

Always remember, sometimes what one finds offensive, another may find inspirational. What was vulgar to the majority becomes standard and acceptable. Respect for someones right to express does not indicate you are in agreement. Tolerance does not indicate liking. Taking pleasure in something does not label you under a particular banner.

I am who I am, all things and nothing. The is to be, so be with every fiber and break the chains of classification. Regardless of circumstance, we are free people...Free to think, believe and choose whatever we desire. But we should always remember that our duty lies in the betterment of ourselves and all of humankind. Focus on what you can do, not on what others are or are not doing.


  1. This is such a complex topic that I've held back on commenting and any comment that I make here will be woefully inadequate. To keep it short, I understand what you are saying, but I can't say that I totally agree. A certain degree of labelling and putting things into boxes is necessary for society. I also think that there should be certain rulings about obscenity. We have become such a free thinking and opened armed society that I think our arts, culture, and society in general have suffered for it. It's like the issue of smoking. Those of us who do not wish to be subjected should not have to be forced to accept it in our environment. Obscene and crude language has never made anybody a better person or added to the elevating of society as a whole.
    I could go on at great length, but I will keep it simple for now.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Daniel-I almost completely agree with you... I would add a limitation of 'among consenting adults' as some people (children or mentally challenged) don't have capacity to decide and deserve protection, but for the most part, I completely agree that beauty and inspiration can come from very different places for different people, and WORDS open discussion, even if they are sometimes obscene. I look at the ideas behind Lolita and find them reprehensible, but Nabakov used BEAUTIFUL language, and a shadow of awareness by the end, on the part of Humbert Humbert to open a dialog. YES, it's a novel about pedophelia, but it doesn't glorify it, and as a work, it would be a shame to have it censored. (I GET that there is judgment there, but THAT is from my view that the child deserved a lot better protection than she got)

  3. QUOTE: Regardless of circumstance, we are free people...Free to think, believe and choose whatever we desire.

    this is about the only portion here that i can comment on. a sister and friend who is involved with a prison minnistry told me that there are those behind bars that are more free in Christ there then what they'd be on the outside. even our brothers and sisters in China are free in Christ while being imprisoned for their beliefs. no one can control our minds or our hearts. there is only True freedom in the Truth. Jesus