Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Prophecies of a Rebel"

I, "The Dragon Unleashed"
Beneath the flesh
Within the shadows...
...The Dragon lurks.

A beast without beginning
A fall without a rise

he waits...

And the world shall know fury...
The world shall taste flames
A lyrical dragon
For the nuclear age.

Prepare the universe for a psychotic burst
Raw and uncut, like a gem in the earth
They say the sky turned black on the day of my birth
Dead on arrival, resurrected a curse
A mind interspersed with poetic fire
From the pen drips words set to inspire
A revolutionary shock like electrical wires
Sparks within a system of funeral pyres.

The growls within
Fracturing soul
Pushing me further
into Abyss....

But none shall contain.