Thursday, December 30, 2010

"2084 (The Beasts of Orwellian Burden) Entry 10 & 11

'Rules Will Change'

While the paint is still wet,
We can alter the lines.
Until the concrete sets,
The law has yet to bind.
I hear the cries of the common people,
But it really matters not
Next to me, there is no equal.
Resist and you will be shot!

Rules will Change
And they don't apply
To those with names
Here in the sty

And when the ink is dry
There are ways to erase
Rule the weak with a lie
Just keep a smile in place
You've said your piece, Now shut your mouths
I will speak for you
Get in line or we'll put you down,
Grind the hoof to glue!

Rules will change
And they don't apply
To those with names
Here in the sty

"This Is Not A Democracy"

Cast your vote/ We hear the cries/ Doesn't mean we're going to listen to your Bull-shh.../ Rock the boat/ We'll take your lives/ Bend your knee to the majority... our Dollar Almighty

I know you're looking rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you.

Corporate gods/ Take hold the reins/ Bow your heads to the Industrial might/ Choices hinged/ Upon our gains/ Let's see just how much we can get for your souls

I know you're looking for rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you.
(This is not a democracy)

So cast a vote/ we'll cast it out/ Don't really care what the people want/ Let them choke/ On all their doubts/ While we feast upon the fruits of their labors

I know you're looking for rights,
But who are you to demand?
We hold the gold,
We give the grain,
And we know what's best for you
(This is not a democracy)
This is not is not a democracy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"In Honor of... (Conclusion)"

So, over the past several months I have talked about my influences and inspirational sources. While I can see that my listing 'personal favorites' may seem narcissistic, it was not my intention. I thought it was important to give some insight as to how I have reached my current stage of life.
From a creative stand point, I think I have given a pretty clear view of my artistic mold, but I am more than an artist. I am more than a convict speaking to you from behind bars. I have matured mentally and spiritually over the last 12 years.
If I am obligated to honor those that have sparked my imagination, I am even more so to honor those that have challenged me intellectually and moved me spiritually.
1. My Dad- Robert Lee Jackson- Some of you are familiar with my father through his blog and are well aware of his own skill as a writer. Since I was young, he has always challenged me and inspired me. He stoked the fires of creative thought and sparked my imagination. He has often recommended movies or books that intrigues me. Our tastes are very similar. He has encouraged me in my writing and been one of my most loyal followers on this blog. I only wish I had taken advice and been more like the man I hold such admiration for.
2. Plato- Some of the most thought provoking reading I have ever done came through the reading of his dialogues. And for anyone who hasn't read his masterpiece 'The Allegory of the Cave'... Get out of the shadows and find the source of the light.
3. H.D Thoreau- What can I say? Damn the government and society's dirty institutions. I want no part... A godly Anarchist with a love of education... I can relate.
4. Thomas Jefferson- So many People are unaware of the pure genius this man possessed... sure, they know he wrote some important documents, but they don't realize just how powerful and poetic his words were. He was a revolutionary with a passion for what held to be true... Sic Semper Tyrannus
5. The Bible- Whatever I may or may not believe, from a religious stand point, I cannot deny the wisdom or passion contained within that book.
6. Ben Franklin- I can't mention Jefferson's influence on me without recognizing Franklin's. Both were enlightened men with their sights turned toward the possibilities.

There are others, but the above six were the sources of the greatest influence on me as an intellectual. Thank you for baring with me as I honored those who helped shape the man I am now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2084 (The Beast of Orwellian Burden) Entry 9

'The Price of Intelligent Growth'

What we see,
what we taste,
Are but shadows of this place.
So much more,
Beyond the door,
If only you would turn away.
Break the chains,
Free yourselves,
Let light burn away this hell.
Here I stand,
Bringing Truth,
Through I don't know if you can bare it...

Vengeful Hands,
Laid upon,
The one who speaks out loud.
Is it worth,
A rebirth.
If they will only cast you down?
Power bleeds,
Corrupts the heart,
But we knew this from the start.
Still we cry
For a ruler's eye
To seek out a better way

What's the price.
To find light,
In the depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know the truth?

So you beg,
'Take the reins'
But I cannot relieve the pain.
And what's worse,
I reveal a curse,
Reality within this cave

What's the price,
To find light,
In depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know truth?

They will only take your life.
They will only take your life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Business of Prison

Unless you have family or friends in prison, you are probably unaware of the market within the institutions. We (prisoners) are permitted to purchase a number of goods. These goods are either used for comfort or necessity. It is mistakenly believed that we are provided with everything we need, but this is not true. We must purchase stamps, hygiene, medical care, electronics and even some food. The problem is not that we are forced to purchase these items, the problem is that we are charged excessive rate and are not provided with the financial means to support ourselves. Our families are often burdened by our needs, as we are put in a position that required us to buy from a company that over charges on every item they sell and we are not paid enough by institutional jobs to cover expenses.
The company that provides commissary for the state of Virginia and several other states is known as Keefe. They have established contracts with the institutions that prevent us from ordering from any other source other than Keefe, as long as Keefe provides the item. Because of this, Keefe can charge as they wish, not worrying about competition, even to the point of charging nearly double normal retail prices.
Not only is Keefe 'raking it in', but those contracts I mentioned mean the state institutions receive big kickbacks from Keefe. Some extreme examples of over pricing and how we are forced into purchases:
The institution only provides us with three sets of clothing. For those of us who work institutional jobs, exercise or partake in any normal daily activities and wish to be hygienic, this means we must either purchase more clothing or wash clothes 3 times a week. Whatever choice you make, it means spending money. One plain white shirt costs $4, one pair of undershorts costs $3.50, one pair of socks costs $1.50. For anyone who has purchased any of these items from any other source, this is extremely expensive, at least for just no-name brand items. Even a 3 pack of Hanes plain white T-Shirts is only around $5 if purchased from a Department store. If you decide to wash clothes 3 times a week, you mush purchase 6oz box of tide for $2.13, which is enough for about 2 weeks worth of washings, give or take. Usually, one needs about 3 boxes per month. Now $6.39 doesn't sound like much for the month, unless you are only being paid .23cents per hour. Laundry is 1/4 of a pay check.
We are permitted to purchase a number of electronic items, including televisions, CD players, fans and electric razors. In some cases, they are necessary, in others they are a 'luxury'. Televisions are not necessary, but they do provide us with life within our cells. TVs are 13" screens and cost $200. They are a cheap brand that burn out easily. I saw the exact same TV I purchased in here for $200 in a catalog for $130... That included the shipping and handling.
Fans are needed as many institutions do not have air conditioning. They sell us an 8" cheaply made model that normally costs no more than $15 for $27. Not only is the price excessive, but they also get over on us by allowing us to have fans at some institutions and not permitting them at others. If we are transferred to a facility that does permit them, they make us get rid of the fan. Then, if we get transferred to an institution without air conditioning and we are permitted to have a fan, we have to pay to purchase a new one.
There are a number of other ways in which the prison system manipulates the rules to bleed inmates and their families. The prison system is a billion dollar industry that is taking advantage of tax-payers and operating on slave labor. They claim they need tax monies for the operation of the correction department and yet there is enough being raked in by VCE (Virginia Correctional Enterprises), the commissary and a variety of other sources to run each and every institution successfully.
Think about this: 1,500 inmates are housed here. Each inmate is required to keep $25 in a 'hold account' for release. We do not personally draw interest to this account, but how much interest does the institution draw on the nearly $40,000 they are 'holding' for us? Good questions... An even better question... Where is the money from that interest going?
Look over the institutional budget and you will see clearly fudged numbers... $1,200 for rec equipment? I can tell you now, either that was the greatest basketball in history they gave us last week or somebody's lying.
Maybe someone out there will read this and contact their representative. The State of Virginia is not alone in their violation business ethics. Prisons will only get away with these transgressions as long as they are permitted to.
Check out for more information.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 7)"

"A Flock Without A Shepard"

Sometimes we stray,
lost, lonely and broken
We need leaders,
Not overseers
Give us a hero to inspire the soul
Burden us no more...

Reckless and wild
Scattered in valleys
We need guidance
Not your violence...

No more killing in the pastures
No more blood in the fields
Remove the guns
From the hands of our future,
Give us reason to feel!

Sometimes we stray,
The passion fades away.
We need shepards
Not soldiers
Give us hope, something to believe in!
Beat us no more...
Bleed us no more...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Entry 6)"

"Hooves Up"

Four legs good,
Two legs bad.
One step forward equals two steps back.
To live in a house is to compromise.
If you can't bare the truth,
better burn out your eyes.
'Cause a new day is coming
and we're bringing a change,
Setting fire to the liars,
and breaking the chains.

Hooves up!
Hands down!
Are you ready to say,
"The beasts rule the fields
and we're here to stay"?

Fur and feathers
Cover the flesh,
Who needs clothing when nature knows best?
No whip to the back,
No blade to the neck.
No overseer to keep us in check.
Who needs law when we possess order?
Free to do as we wish,
When there are no borders.

Hooves up!
Hands down!
Are you ready to say,
"The beasts rule the fields
and we're here to stay"?