Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"If Love is a Splendid Thing (Then Why Aren't You Still Here)"

Wake up with a black lung,
And a cup of coffee...
Wonderin' where the night went;
And did it end
With pleasant dreams,
Fading memories...
Symphonies of your voice
Your touch on my skin

Shower, shave, dress for work,
But your scent still lingers.
Like the cool mornings mist,
So hard to resist.
These thoughts of you,
Though far too few,
Draw upon my reserves
Drag me down into bliss

If I make it through today,
Still gotta survive tomorrow,
And a life without you
Just won't do...

So, I come to you bleeding,
Begging and pleading,
Feeding off the hope,
That you feel this too

And if love is a splendid thing,
Then why aren't you still here...
'Cause, maybe only one of us feels this,
And maybe this is as real as it gets.

But if I'm wrong...
Then please come back.


  1. A sad, but well written piece of poetry. You really captured the essence of loss and longing.

    Tossing It Out