Thursday, December 23, 2010

2084 (The Beast of Orwellian Burden) Entry 9

'The Price of Intelligent Growth'

What we see,
what we taste,
Are but shadows of this place.
So much more,
Beyond the door,
If only you would turn away.
Break the chains,
Free yourselves,
Let light burn away this hell.
Here I stand,
Bringing Truth,
Through I don't know if you can bare it...

Vengeful Hands,
Laid upon,
The one who speaks out loud.
Is it worth,
A rebirth.
If they will only cast you down?
Power bleeds,
Corrupts the heart,
But we knew this from the start.
Still we cry
For a ruler's eye
To seek out a better way

What's the price.
To find light,
In the depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know the truth?

So you beg,
'Take the reins'
But I cannot relieve the pain.
And what's worse,
I reveal a curse,
Reality within this cave

What's the price,
To find light,
In depths of ignorance?
What's the cost
To raise the cross?
What's the cost
To know truth?

They will only take your life.
They will only take your life.


  1. hi Daniel. i can't honestly say that i understand every one of your posts. especially the 2084 posts. but in this one i was feeling a lot of anguish. that's the mood that i find myself often in writing. everyday is pretty much the same for you yet Christmas has to be especially tough to endure. saying "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" seems like a cruel thing to say to someone in your shoes. Yet, the Gift that God gave both you, me, and everyone else in this rotten world makes it entirely possible for us to have the greatest gift. so my Christmas wish/prayer is that for 2011 and beyond that you have possession of His peace that surpasses all human understanding and a joy that will lift you above the environment that you're in.

  2. This appears to be a song-- they are good song lyrics. I'm not exactly sure what they refer to, but the imagery and writing is good.