Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"In Honor of... (Conclusion)"

So, over the past several months I have talked about my influences and inspirational sources. While I can see that my listing 'personal favorites' may seem narcissistic, it was not my intention. I thought it was important to give some insight as to how I have reached my current stage of life.
From a creative stand point, I think I have given a pretty clear view of my artistic mold, but I am more than an artist. I am more than a convict speaking to you from behind bars. I have matured mentally and spiritually over the last 12 years.
If I am obligated to honor those that have sparked my imagination, I am even more so to honor those that have challenged me intellectually and moved me spiritually.
1. My Dad- Robert Lee Jackson- Some of you are familiar with my father through his blog and are well aware of his own skill as a writer. Since I was young, he has always challenged me and inspired me. He stoked the fires of creative thought and sparked my imagination. He has often recommended movies or books that intrigues me. Our tastes are very similar. He has encouraged me in my writing and been one of my most loyal followers on this blog. I only wish I had taken advice and been more like the man I hold such admiration for.
2. Plato- Some of the most thought provoking reading I have ever done came through the reading of his dialogues. And for anyone who hasn't read his masterpiece 'The Allegory of the Cave'... Get out of the shadows and find the source of the light.
3. H.D Thoreau- What can I say? Damn the government and society's dirty institutions. I want no part... A godly Anarchist with a love of education... I can relate.
4. Thomas Jefferson- So many People are unaware of the pure genius this man possessed... sure, they know he wrote some important documents, but they don't realize just how powerful and poetic his words were. He was a revolutionary with a passion for what held to be true... Sic Semper Tyrannus
5. The Bible- Whatever I may or may not believe, from a religious stand point, I cannot deny the wisdom or passion contained within that book.
6. Ben Franklin- I can't mention Jefferson's influence on me without recognizing Franklin's. Both were enlightened men with their sights turned toward the possibilities.

There are others, but the above six were the sources of the greatest influence on me as an intellectual. Thank you for baring with me as I honored those who helped shape the man I am now.


  1. Your father will be really happy with that!

  2. First of all I don't think it is narcissisitc to discuss "favorites" and our influences. Many of us do this on our own blogs. It helps readers to get to know the writer better and sometimes it directs them to investigate those things that have influenced others.

    Secondly, thank you Dan. I wish things were different, but we can't change the past. I am glad that at least you have this blog to be able to express yourself. Take advantage of any opportunities you currently have to explore ways that you can contribute a positive influence to the world and to make yourself a person continually growing toward betterment.