Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"2084: The Beasts of Orwellian Burden (Introduction & Entry 1)"


What follows are a series of lyrical entries inspired by both the works of George Orwell and the power-hungry nature within man. While Orwell often targeted the Communist View in his political satires (Animal farm and 1984), the fact remains that all power corrupts the selfish and weakminded. True leaders do not need to dominate, they only need to guide and inspire.

Unfortunately, our politicians are rather "beastly". The great leaders are being lost beneath the mud slung by opponents and "quick fix" mentalities. The common man is ground beneath the feet of big business and the nation is ruled by the dollar.

No end is in sight, for should you take down one tyrant, another rises in its place. Until we learn to be independant, free-thinking, self-motivated individuals, we will continue to be herded like the beasts we are...

"Kingdom of Man"

"Dominion was given
To all men living
And yet we abused..."

To settle disputes.
How did we fall so far?
We love our weapons
and our right to choose
the faces of our stars.
It is a world for us to do with
Whatever we wish.
Will one be allowed to live,
or merely exists?

This is the kingdom of man
Necessary force applied
Ruled by an iron hand
To make you understand
that we are your masters.

To the baying of all our hounds
we turn a deafened ear
no need to listen to their foolish sounds
no need to end their fears
for we are the only reflection of God
Let's not forget our places
domination over this chunk of sod
belongs to human faces.

This is the kingdom of Man
necessary force applied
ruled by an iron hand
to make you understand
that we are your masters.

"Two legs stand
loking out across decaying fields
and the corpses of weaker species
laughing with the knowledge
that he is true lord of beasties..."

None are greater than he who bares the whip,
all others must succomb
to the laws bred from human lip
and lies born on their tongue.

We'll make you understand
That we are teh Masters of Creation

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  1. But this also brings to mind Shelley's poem "Ozymandias".

    Tossing It Out