Thursday, July 29, 2010

"The Passionate Ones"

Artistic expression is the highest form of creative endeavor, for it is through art man reveals his rawest emotions. I don't necessarily consider art to be only visual manifestations. Art is anything that is created through the inspiration of our passion. It is creativity, imagination and emotion. True art requires no "talent", for talents are nothing more than skills that can be taught. Passion breeds inspiration, inspiration sparks the creative mind and this gives birth to creative endeavors. Passion comes from within and cannot be taught. It can only be harnessed to fuel the fires of creation.

Once one begins to tap into the creative consciosness and emotion gives birth to art, then talents may be honed so as to give more power to the works. But one must bear in mind that the more passion the work possesses, the more effect it will have on the lives of those it touches.

So, I say turn all you do into works of art. Fill your life with passion and creativity. Be inspired and in turn become an inspiration to all the world. Plant the seeds that will take root in the race mind and help bring about significant changes.


  1. I agree it's those tiny seeds that become big ambitions in the future,


  2. there's certainly a lot of passion within you as a writer!!

  3. Indeed, art and expression come in many forms.