Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Here and Now"

I have been thinking about the past lately, how the days go by and when they're gone, they are gone for good, at least in all but memory. Looking back it seems so strange that we could have been there at that moment and now we are here in this one. We often take each moment for granted. Some of us spend so much time dwelling on what was, we miss what is or could be.

It is with this in mind I am struck by a realization. The present is our only reality. The past is no more and the future has yet to be shaped.

Who I am today is not the same as who I was yesterday and the person I will be tomorrow will be different in some way than the person I am today.

We are constantly evolving. Some changes are so small we don't notice them right away. Others have powerful impacts upon our lives. Regardless of the size of the changes, they occur all the time within us and without.

What this means is that we must live for each moment, experiencing all we can. Change is okay. Grow and become a better person for the future to come, because when tomorrow becomes today, you want to leave a good impression for the soon to be recorded past.

Do not be afraid to rise up and face the future. Do not regret the past. Empower the present and make each moment count for something.


  1. That's great advice, Daniel. Why dwell on what we can't change?

  2. "The present is our only reality."

    Perhaps we should say our only tangible reality--the one that is responsible for afftecting who we are to become and what the consequences of our present actions and choices will be. The past is just as real as a book or any other record of things that were. The past exists in time and is a part of who we are and what our circumstance is. The past should be remembered when needed, but not dwelt upon to the extent that it keeps us from moving forward.

    Positive change is good, but we should be concerned about negative change. That's where our personal memories and the collective memories of society should be utilized to prevent the negative action from happening. The carpe diem school of thought is fine in proper doses when appropriate, but present actions should always be mindful of the future consequences.

    Tossing It Out

  3. excellent post`S from both of you:)