Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Rebuttal (God's response to the Devil's Defense)"

What shall we call justice? That I destroy my creation for their transgressions, or that I show forgiveness and allow them to repent?
What does mankind deserve, death or life/
A difficult question, indeed. Even man cannot agree on what fate they deserve for their crimes. In their societies, when a criminal is convicted, they wish to see justice served. So they punish the crime. But, is this just? Is it righteous? If so, they why should I forgive?
Many of their definitions of justice would find one getting as good (or as bad) as they give, but this is not a solution to improper acts. One cannot change what has been done, but one can 'right' their wrongs.
Justice is served through balance. This has nothing to do with punishment, as punishment only serves to make one suffer for their wrongs. Punishment does not fix the problem or ways to avoid the punishment. When a dog pees on the carpet, the master becomes angry. The master rubs the dog's nose in its 'sin' and tells him how bad he is. The dog learns not to pee in the house if it wishes to avoid the master's fury. The dog does not learn why it is wrong or how to rectify the act.
Are men no better than dogs? Should they just be punished? No, for man has the ability to understand his wrongdoings and to rectify them. This is true justice! To teach the transgressor how to live successfully withing over society, forgive his past ignorance, and allow him to balance the scales. Destruction does not serve the interests of justice.
You ask why I forgive them... Because if I only destroyed them they would never learn and they would never have the opportunity to evolve to become something greater.
You point your finger at their every trespass and fail to see your own. You see their flaws and miss the beauty they possess. For every ounce of evil there is a pond of good.
I gave them life and set them loose in the world, free to think, act, and speak of their own will. It is up to them to find their way back to me. It is a long, hard, and sometimes wicked path they must travel in order to find their way, but without the trials they will never learn the proper path. Each mistake is a lesson, that their eternal lives may be perfection.

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  1. Since I commented on The Devil's Defense, I must comment on this one too.

    Both posts are incredibly powerful and bring up some though provoking questions.

    Simply wonderful.