Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Rise From The Ashes"

'We questions all our beliefs except the ones that we really believe, and these we never think to question...'
The world is burning down around us. The fires of envy and hate rage out of control, as mankind becomes nothing more than ashes swirling in the winds of ignorance. Our eyes are veiled, as blindly we are led into the flames of destruction, with no one to blame but ourselves. We are the engineers of our own apocalypse.
Yet, here we sit, staring at the flickering shadows on a wall, content to believe in nothing beyond the cave we have created for ourselves. And what difference would it make if we knew the source of the shadows, when we have chained ourselves to a rock of illusion, indebted to an institution. Should a prophet rise to speak on truth and righteousness, it would be better to lay our hands upon him and cast him down, rather than allow for the possibility of change. While the life we lead now may kill us all, it is familiar... It is easy...
Shall this be our fate, global suicide? Or, shall we turn from our wicked and ignorant ways to lay foundations of wisdom. There is yet hope! When all the mud has been flushed from our eyes, the veil shall life, and we will begin to see possibility. The seeds of change have been planted and within each of us lies the ability to nurture the growth of a new nation. Rise from the ashes of the old, reborn a new in righteousness and joy.

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