Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Gone (But Not Forgotten)"

Her eyes...
Haunting memories to make me stumble,
A Struggle to even breathe again;
Like lightning tearing apart the sky,
(Tearing through my soul)
Leaving the tangy scent of ozone--
(...And broken hearts...)
--in the air as it scorches the earth;
A reminder of something beautiful
And deadly,
Forever she remains a part of me
But not forgotten.

Her lips...
The taste of eternity,
(still so sweet on my own)
A heartbeat unleashes fire in my veins,
(A furious pounding of blood)
A roaring river raging through me,
Flooding the soul with passion and pain,
As it scars the surface,
Leaving behind something oh, so dangerous
But I can't let go,
Though she's gone...

And I can't forget,
No, I can't forget,
How she brought the sun.

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