Thursday, February 3, 2011

"In The Hands of a Tyrant"

I saw the news today Oh Boy, Another random act of consequence. And though the news was rather sad, I just had to laugh. I saw the photograph. North Korea had bombed a mall. I guess they thought there was a fire sale. And if they heard the mournful pleas, then where was the humanity...

A madman seeking to provoke a short-tempered, impulsive nation into an unnecessary war. A school bully picking on a small child with the hope that it will entice Big Brother into a fight. Innocent lives lost to appease the whims of a little man with a complex...And for what? A show of power?

It is in times like these I wish I could stand face to face with a man like Kim Jong-Il and see just how tough he really is. When I speak on "Resisting oppression" this is the type of person I am opposed to. The U.N. is trying to stop a war, but I applaud South Korea stand. Pay back's a bitch, but sometimes it is necessary. If the Big Brother keeps coming to the rescue, the Bully will just find someone to help him beat the Big Brother or wait to catch the little brother alone.

To South Korea I say, "we cannot, nor should we continue to defend 'weaker' nations. I don't condone war but either the bully must be crushed by the little brother or the bully must be made to see reason. Barring that, nothing good can come."

To North Korea I say, "You are in the hands of a Tyrant. Refuse to be subject to such destructive acts. You are all men and women, equal in rights. You are free to choose a path of righteousness. South Korea is your brethren, as are we. Thus a war of nations is to shed the blood of family."

To the U.S. I say, "Pluck the splinters from your own eye before worrying about another's mote."

Ignorance may be bliss but it is also the precursor to our own downfall.

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