Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Deja Vu"

I feel as though I've written this before...
Shuffling words,
Nothing new in an age-old game.
Whatever is said
has been said before,
But I keep forgetting just when.
The days pass,
blurs of misery.
The faces are the same,
even when they change.
So tired,
but I can't sleep anymore,
and yet, I just can't wake up.
Still trapped in blazing fields,
and memories of you...
Oh, how I wish I could forget.
Somewhere inspiration lies buried
beneath the same old grind.
My broken bones barely hold this flesh together.
Again and again the cycle turns,
A wheel of time...
What was, will be,
Again and again...
And I know that I have been here before,
Maybe in a dream,
And maybe I never really left.
Whatever the case may be, I can't escape
After all, this prison of eternal repetition
Is of my own creation.

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