Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Take Me To The River (Part 2)"

I'll Keep my focus on the end of the road,
Eyes on the Raven,
My guide to a promise,
Blood in the water,
Baptism by fire,
The palladium has ascended to its heights.
Evolve from a monkey,
Become a machine,
Restore the heart of a man,
Here in Zion...
Suffer accusations at the hands of congregatios
We're all just waiting for own crucifixion.
'Cause eventually this dark society will nail you up,
They're just looking for an excuse...

But what are they gonna do when the judgement comes?
What are they gonna do when the tables turn on them?
2,000 years in darkness!

So take me to the River
Wash the sins from my skin
Whiten these vestments,
My faith overflowing ------

And the wounds on my wrist show where I've been,
The waters claim my destination...

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