Thursday, February 10, 2011

"What Lies Beneath"

Like a concussion, I'll leave you comatose/Lay out the negatives, Let truth be exposed/Confessions of a madman to the Holy Ghost/Voices in my head corrupting the host/ A Lyrical Armageddon on the tip of my tongue/ Don't be surprised if I spit out a lung/ A verbal execution, let the sinners be hung/ Pray to the saints till the bells are rung/ It's like a war inside, guns block out all sound/ Better seek out a savior, the Apocalypse is now/ I could be a destroyer in the heat of the moment/ King of the world, or one of the chosen/ Here I come in fires of chaos and cleansing/ An end to the struggle, s stop resisting/ I'll leave the tyrants cowering, cringing/ The face of a hero that this world is missing/ Perhaps I'm the one to be a cross bearer/ Or maybe I'm the one unleashing terror/ The fear inside or your echoes of hope/ A shepherd only dressed in a killer's cloak/ Divine fires rain down to scorch the soul/ Peel away the skin, reveal the untold/ I reach out, take a hold of the scepter/ Reclaim my place as kingdom erector/ Insanity breeches but never defeats/ As upon the throne I take my seat/ Let me tear the world apart, so I can rebuild/ Just a little tweak to weaken the will...
Am I the Devil,
Or a god in the flesh?
I'll save you
Destroy you
Rip the heart from your chest
But you can't live without me

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