Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Destiny Chosen"

All I write is loves songs anymore,
'Cause I've got her running through my head.
And I can't sleep at night,
Trying to make it right,
Remembering all the words she said...
And when she left me all alone,
Out there in the cold,
Did she think about what she'd read?

(Now that I have made my bed, I guess I'll just have to lie in it.)

Mistakes are all I ever made
Suppose it's a little late for sorry...
But maybe I can try
Try to make it all right
Before God sets my broken soul free
And I can't change what I've done,
But I'll make a run,
At the brighter side of destiny

(Now that I have made my bed, I guess I'll just have to lie in it.)

If I'm down, doesn't mean I'm out,
A bed doesn't stop me from dreaming.
Even if it all seems
Pointless and out of reach,
Even pointlessness has its meaning.
Why must I explain my reasons,
In these changing seasons?
Words don't always convey my thinking...

But the simple things in life
Are something I can't forget.
Someday I'll get up
And make this world shine again.
'Cause in whatever bed I lie,
It's not gonna be my end!

(But if I have made my bed, I'm man enough to lie in it.)

1 comment:

  1. I think we all have those hard spots in our beds at one time or another. However, the experience is only wasted if we learn nothing from it.