Friday, April 15, 2011

“Night At The Circus”

‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and girls! Tonight you will bare witness to an extraordinary display of madness, mayhem, and magnificence! Here, beneath the Big Top, in these three rings, feats will be performed that will leave you paralyzed in awe! Don’t blink. Don’t turn away. Don’t even get up to use the bathroom, we can hose the seats off. What we can’t do is give you an instant replay, so don’t miss it the first time!
‘Indeed, we have a show in store for you! Death-defying, dazzling, and dynamic exhibitions that will make your head spin and your mind rot. I dare you to prove otherwise…
‘ To my left, witness Herculean feats of strength performed by the world’s most powerful man! Ooh and Aah as the Amazing Caliberini risks life and limb.
‘And to my right, you will see the only full elephant orchestra in the world, featuring renowned cellist Yo-Yo “Ma, I don’t think we’re in the jungle no more!” Also watch as monkeys sling feces at one another in an act we call “Holy Crap, Duck!”
‘But here, in this center ring, is where you will truly be amazed, as some of the world’s greatest acts shall take on some of their biggest challenges. Here we will experience the stars of tonight’s extravaganza!
‘First, we will welcome Whiskey the Wild. A lion with attitude. His tricks should astound you, his words could offend you, And his blood- alcohol level would certainly kill you!
‘From there, we move on to the high flying trapeze act, Triple X. They will have you saying, “Did they just do that?” Yes, they did.
‘Finally, our show will close with the return of one of our most beloved acts. Blind on his left side, he will perform feats of balance and dexterity impossible for one with no depth perception. You will fear for your own life, as much as you fear for his, as the Juggling Jester manipulates fire, knives, and fate.
“Sooo prepare yourselves! The show is about to begin! Welcome to EL CIRCA DE CYKOTICAS!!!’

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