Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reflections on Previous Posts....

- "Into the Dark" posted June 6, 2010- Some found this to be a dark and chaotic piece, others found it to be insightful. It was not in praise of my own darkness, it was a chronicle of my own struggle with right and wrong. Any who can say the struggle is not real within us all, cast your stone.

- "Night of the Living Dead- Pt 5 (Resident Evil)" posted July 13, 2010- Read literally, it seems to be a horrific portrayal of violent and frightening events. It was inspired by zombie films, but it was a reflection of how those films spoke to me in relation to my current circumstances. Note the line, "Evil seeps through these walls/I hear it screaming inside my skull/A plague unleashed upon the night/The dead have come back to life." It spoke on nights locked in the cell listening to some of the worst people holding ignorant, brain-dead conversations.
I could offer other examples, and I am glad to grant insight into any of my works, all one has to do is ask. Perhaps I will shatter your misconceived notions of what I was trying to say.
I do realize the beauty in the world, and at times write about it. There is joy, but there is also heartbreak, pain, anger, and fear. The essays I post are generally my thoughts or ideas, the intellect at work, while the poetic offerings are my emotional out pourings. To say I walk through life with a permanent smile on my face and joy in my heart bad?
I write from the heart and from experiences. Sometimes a reader will relate, sometimes you won't. I share to inspire and to influence. Some may find beauty in the use of language, and some may take comfort in the fact that someone else shares your pain, or joy, or whatever.
I ask:
Shall I allow loneliness and confusion to weigh down on my soul or shall I write a poem and shake the pain? (See "Fear" posted 6/29/10) Shall I cry for lost love or write a song? (see "A moment of Heartbreak" posted 7/6/10)
Shall I allow anger to bubble into rage and hatred, or shall I rant out my aggression through lyrics (see "wrath of a lyrical Dragon" posted 7/27/10 or "The Book of W.A.R. posted 9/14/10)
And sometimes you have to get out the bad to make way for the good. Not all of my writings are focused on the darker emotional states (see "Destiny Chosen" or "Gone(But Not Forgotten)")
I free myself from the enslavement of emotional turmoil by pouring out my heart through the pen. Knowing this, can anyone find any work of mine that is truly questionable in content? If so, please let me know, I'll be glad to clarigy it for you.

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