Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Programming the Machine"

Religion can be found in prison. It lies in the hearts of everyone afraid to face the reality of their situations. Religion acts as a crutch for the weak-minded, ignorant masses clinging on to their excuses and lies about who they are or were. It is protection for those who fear what may happen to them. Yes, religion can be found, but god is disturbingly absent.
I watch as the zombies shuffle through daily rituals. I listen as they spout memorized verses and teachings that someone else has drilled into them. A machine may be able to carry out certain actions, but it will lack any passion. In this same way, I watch as religion replaces a relationship with the cause. What has out rituals gotten us but a lack of personality.
What has more value, the handcrafted, wooden bench, or the assembly line constructed metal bleacher? Both serve the same purpose, and if properly care for, both will last as long as necessary. The metal bleacher is one many, easily replaced, but the wooden bench is unique, perhaps priceless. The craftsman of the wooden bench has personalized its design, and he has done so with passion.
God doesn't need rituals, he isn't looking for ceremony to be i our midst. The Cause of All Things is with and within us, always. We only need to have the will to discover truth and we will find Divine Inspiration. The methods are less important than the sincerity of out actions.
Yet, rather than concerning ourselves with truth and focusing on being harmonious with creation and creator, we concern ourselves with the proverbial 'right way'. We worry about how everyone else is doing it. We point out the flaws in their methods. We find what they are doing' wrong'. Remove the log from your own eye!
Develop your relationships, nurture them. Focus on what you need to do personalize your efforts, rather than worrying about what others say you should or should not do. Can anyone else tell you to love your family or friends? What you share with those you are close to is in your heart and mind, why shouldn't the same be said of the one you place above all others?

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