Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"In God We Trust"

America the beautiful. Land of the free. Home of... the Whopper... Heh-Heh... Look, we live in a nation obsessed with pop-culture and ruled by the media. A fast food slogan is more recognizable to the mind-numbed masses than a line of classic literature. Reality is whatever CNN tells most of you, since any effort put toward thinking for oneself and developing personal opinion has become too exhausting.
This nation was established on the principle of individual freedoms, and yet we are becoming less and less 'free' people. We have freed ourselves from the tyranny of the English crown only to set a new beast upon the throne, and now we are ruled by political whims and magazine covers.
Take the subject of religion... The old 'separation of church and state' dilemma. Where do we draw this line? How do we draw this line? As much as the U.S. claims 'freedom of religion', it spends a lot of time targeting the subject of religion. The dollar reads 'In God We Trust', the city council meetings open with a prayer.
We question the president's faith...
We oppose the building of a mosque...
Freedom of religion means one is free to practice his or her faith in a respectful manner, in a way that does not oppose on the freedom of another. If we are working toward a brighter future we must stop worrying so much about whether or not someone agrees with us. Separation of church and state? So why are we talking about Obama's faith? Who cares? Does it have an impact on the job he is doing? Not so far... Religion has nothing to do with what he has or hasn't done to this point.
Why is the government worrying about where someone wishes to build a mosque? Why is anyone worrying? No one says anything when someone wants to build a church or synagogue in this country, so why complain about any other religious place of worship?
Too mush of our time and effort is wasted looking for the flaws in someone's beliefs, rather than building on the good things. Of course, one has the right to voice opinion, and no one has the right to prohibit that. If someone wants to burn a Koran fine, but don't get mad when the Bible gets burnt or someone sets fire to the flag, and don't impose upon a Muslim's right to worship where he chooses, just as the Muslim has no right to impose upon the Christian or the Jew or, for that matter, the Witch. Live and let live, as long as it violates no one else's rights, and stop looking for a reason to hate.

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  1. I think some of what you say here needs to be rethought, reassessed. This is an idealistic view, but not the way things have been going.

    Tossing It Out