Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"2084 (The Beasts of Orwellian Burden) Entry 14 & 15"

'A Vicious Cycle'

Will you be asleep
When it all comes back around again?
Will you be meat
Or somewhere out in the pen?
You can't change the minds of kings,
No matter how you try...
You can't break the chains.
History repeats,
And then you die.

Winter to spring
Summer to fall
The constant turn of years
No one is coming,
No hero to save us,
No lender to allay our fears.

Caught in a cycle
Of war,
And oppression...
Stupid sheep lost in a valley.
Killing the world...
Killing ourselves...

And looking through the window
I can't tell the difference
Between Man,
And Beast...
And machine...
Guess there never really was a difference after all


We bring about our own demise...
See you in the fields

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