Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The Devil's Defense"

It is rather sad, to think that the father wasted the 6th day on such an utterly worthless creation as man. Up until that point he had done an immaculate job and then... Well, I can't say I didn't warn him. Give a monkey free-will and he will do nothing more than sling feces.
From the moment he gave his divine breath to that filthy beast, Adam and his descendants were destined to bring death into the world. Don't blame me... Blame their lust and weak flesh. Men are sick, and don't even get me started on their counter parts, manipulative, conniving witches...
I told my father what would happen, but did he listen? Of course not. Now look... look at what the humans have done to such a glorious creation. This world decays before my very eyes even as I speak...Disgusting.
What makes matters worse is when these parasites suck the life from the world around them, and then blame me for their sins. They claim that I tempt them to do the things they do. Is it my fault they are weak minded and cursed to wallow in their own filth? Preposterous!
I have done nothing wrong. My entire existence has been devoted to helping my father, showing him the errors in his actions. When wrong is done, I simply point it out to him. I am only trying to prove I was right when I said the creation of man was a mistake. But still he does not listen...
He says he loves them. He shows forgiveness and all they give him is heartache. They continue to destroy and hate and yet he forgives them!
They build the bombs, then blame me when someone pushed the button. Remind me, who inspired the crusades? Oh yeah, their 'love' for the father. It is in their corrupt hearts to act sinfully, then search for a reason why they act in such a manner. Reason is what they lack and the lack thereof is what leads them to sin, not me.
Ignorant, selfish, irresponsible beasts and he loves them...
As for me, I am an innocent bystander, nothing more than a witness to the crimes of humanity. The blame is laid on my shoulders by the guilty.
They will never learn because they will never accept that they are at fault.
So, here I stand, a victim of blame. A victim of humanity.

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  1. I'm not sure if you will get this comment. I was pointed to your blog today by Arlee (or Lee) and at first in was in direction to your April A to Z challenge. But when I realized the reason for creating this blog, I started at the beginning and have read everything so far.

    I truly enjoyed this one. I intended to comment or email on the most recent post, but this one really grabbed me.