Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Education in America"

Recently I have been seeing a lot about the documentary on education in the U.S. entitled "Waiting for Superman." Several debates have arisen in response to this film, but I don't really see the debate when more money is spent on an institution such as the one I am currently housed in, than on an institution of higher learning. Of course, I have already stated my opinion that they (the state) wants to keep us in prison and I believe they do all they can to fill these walls. This may or many not be a reason this educational system is neglected and failing.
Jefferson said, 'Give the people light and they will find their way.' The reverse of this is to keep them in darkness, so they will be forced to follow. As long as we remain in the shadows, we will continue to believe in them rather than the realities that cast those shadows.'
Perhaps the issue isn't money, time or staffing, perhaps it is an issue of politicians wanting to keep people ignorant. To quote John Adams: "Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind. As knowledge is the best weapon against tyranny, so the first step toward a balance of powers is the education of the people." Educate the masses and the politicians begin to lose their grip.
Look at the prisons, how many of those in the Correctional System were educated in private schools and how many were educated in the public system? How many of those in prison went through four years of college? When you begin to answer those questions you begin to discover a disturbing trend.
Not only are we failing the youth... the next generation... We are also failing society as a whole. I am of the opinion that crime is the result of ignorance. This doesn't just mean ignorance of consequesnces or not knowing right from wrong. Neither applied in my case, as I knew the consequences and know the things I did were wrong. For me, I lacked focus, direction and an understanding of the value of knowledge. School provided a social setting to develop relationships, but did little to aid in my development as a responsible adult.
The greatest failing was that I did not learn, until it was 'too late,' just how important and enjoyable education could be. Only in recent years have I discovered a passion for intellectual thought. Had this been nurtured more in my youth, perhaps things would have turned out much differently.
The U.S. promotes laziness, quick fixes and dependence rather than promoting a free-thinking, intellectual society.
Look again at Adam's statement ..."the first step toward balance...is the education of the people." True democracy is balance, when all share equal rights. So the "lower class" is given a lesser educational system and kept in their places, as are the middle and upper classes given suitable schools I never believed this to be the case until I really thought about it. Take a moment to consider the numbers:
How many senators came out of private schools?
How many prisoners came out of public schools?

I think that if we really begin to examine the numbers we will discover that the better the education, the better the outcome.


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  2. hi Daniel,

    while out of town recently, MSNBC was giving a series on state prisons thru-out the country. i watched it every night and found it to be educating in a manner of speaking. it seemed to vary a lot from state to state. ...wouldn't want to be in any of one them though!

  3. You make some great points that I agree with, but I might question over-simplifying some of your other arguments. I don't know that it's an across-the-board outcome--there are many variables I'm sure. The correctional system is an industry that must perpetuate itself and that's a scary thought, but there are societal ills that also must be addressed. Education is but one approach, but that education must also include morals and values which under the current system is something that is neglected.

    Tossing It Out