Thursday, July 14, 2011

"The Storm"

I'm tired,
But I'm so wired that I can't sleep;
I pop pills inspired by just how cheap,
This life has become,
I'm in deep...
And God knows that my flesh is weak,
Lost my paddle somewhere up creek.

Now I've got this sickness;
I'm a freakshow,
A misfit.

My path is bent to the wicked
A little sinister,
Left to the addicted.
I can't shake the twisted;
A state of mind,
That has come to define
The nightmares I've witnessed.

There's a war coming,
And I can't keep running,
But I can't face the demons...
The ones screamin'
Inside my head,
(Such a lack of reason).
Loss of all sense,
Just another mad season.
A legion of damned
Crawling from the pits,
The depths of my soul sees
The destruction of my wits...

There is a storm on the horizon,
A rise in the winds,
Redemption by fire
Payment for all of my sins...

Rain down,
Come on rain down,
on me______

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