Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Our Failing Tongues"

In an age of visual media we seem to be losing a mastery of the English language. What was once complex and beautiful, is becoming simplistic and vulgar. Look to Shakespeare or Chaucer to see just how words could once be used to express something more profound than the literal message. The ability communicate is becoming a lost art.
I often hear the corruption of the language by those who do not care to learn a proper way of speaking, or by those who think it is fashionable to use slang terms. What madness is it that finds "Ebonics" acceptable? To me it is ignorance, one we support with our action. Regardless of how intelligent one may be, how that individual is judged. To gain an elevated status in the eyes of our contemporaries and be respected, one must learn to communicate effectively.
I have discovered a few things that allow me to present myself as an intellectual and, while I am still perfecting my methods, I feel I have come to empower my speech by using these methods. We should all try to learn to be more effective in our communication, or prove to the rest of the world what fools we truly are.
And what are these methods:
1) Speak clearly- One should enunciate properly. Learn how to properly pronounce the words you use. Mispronunciation words make one appear ignorant. If one does not speak clearly, he may be misunderstood.
2) Make eye contact- Present a positive self-image, one that projects confidence in your words.
3) Be Concise- Get your point across without rambling speeches. You will lose your listener's focus if you don't get to the point
4) Be prepared to speak- Know what it is you wish to say, what is the message? Understood the meanings of the words you use and use them in the proper context. Remember, if your listener doesn't understand what you are trying to say, your message will not be delivered.
These are but a few simple tips. Properly applied they can make one a better communicator. We must hold on to the mastery of our tongue or find ourselves failing to present a respectable image. "For correct speech is a search for knowledge" - (The Book of Lecan)


  1. Fascinating post, and I agree with you. The subtleties of language are being lost amongst the tonnes of slang and "txtspk".

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    Laura x

  2. The ability to communicate sadly does seem to be a lost art. What happened? The computer, iPods, cell phones, etc. is what happened. Seems like someone always has some "device" plugged to the ear!

    Make eye contact. Speak clearly. That's what we need to do.

    An excellent, thought-provoking post!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  3. I hope to see more of your writing soon.
    You always make one think.
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  4. You are right on target with this. In today's busy world (so many of us think) we seem to have lost time for good communication. Pop culture has made trashing of language acceptable and even preferable. It's sad.

    Tossing It Out